Sunday, April 18, 2010

Madi's Birthday Suprise

Madi got a special gift from one of my sister friends, Ces, on her birthday. I am going to show you some glimpses of this fantastic picture and if you want to see the whole thing you can go here.
This is the birthday girl herself.
With butterflies from beginning...
I can not even begin to explain how wonderful this drawing is. I love Ces' work and I am drawn in to the depths of it by the minute detail. end and in between
Well, to see it in person took my breath away. She pumps these babies out like it is nothing. You would think there would be smudges as fast as she works, but au contraire mon ami!
Click on the pics for a little bigger view of mastery at its finest!
Thank you Ces! I am so honored to have a piece of your art. Yes, what you see is true. Even though Madi loves this picture that you have drawn and giggles with delight when she sees it, she also love love loves to eat paper and I think I should keep it safe for her until she is about 33. My eyesight should be completely gone by then!!
The note on the back is divine. Bless you sweet one for your kindness.

She is brewing up another storm of goodness, do not miss it!

And do not forget the 11th giveaway here.


  1. Marie so happy I stopped by to check on you tonight this is just to beautiful. Wow how lovely of a gift and I have to check it out on the site you gave us.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. What an excellant birthday gift!!! and happy belated birthday to miss madi!!! these babies of ours are growing to quick...jack will be 2 this year!!! Much love and big hugs to the b-day girl...beth

  3. What a beautiful drawing for Madi to have. :) Happy, happy birthday to her! xox Pam

  4. Aaaw Marie. Thank you for the kind words. It was a thrill to do a drawing for Madi. It is so easy because I just love her. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and have a wonderful week!Tsup! Tsup!!!

  5. It is always amazing to see people's talent - and it really makes it more personal. Looking through the "close-up" photos, you can really see the details and how it came to be.

    Belated Happy Birthday to Madi and Canon (how cute is that afro). At first,I thought it was a sesame street inspired fondant cake LOL. But this is much better. That way he gets to keep it as he grows up :-)


  6. I noticed how you said you probably should keep it till Madi is 33.......
    That is sufficiently old to appreciate it! I agree with you and vote one that decision!!! LOL!!! ;)


  7. Oh how wonderful! Not only is Ces prolific in her art, but she is the most generous person ever! Oh lucky us, lucky you! But she really needs to have her work in a show. **happy smiles** Deb

  8. Oh Hooray for Madi, Hooray for Ces. Absolutely, without a doubt, as amazing as Ces's work is online, the OOOOOH-factor increases a thousand-fold when you see it up close and in person!

  9. Wow - that is truly a wonderful piece of art. How lucky for Madi - I hope she will treasure it always. :) Theresa


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