Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off on another track and a look at the mirror

I am off on another track. I love the sacred hearts I have been making and I am making more. I didn't get a chance to get a picture of the new ones I had made yesterday.
Maybe you can see why I have a hard time standing still long enough to photograph anything when I am following my muse. Sometimes she will let me stop and take a breath and sometimes I am puffing real hard just trying to keep up with her.
I have learned after all of these years that if you have the chance to follow a muses lead, you will be happy(and tired) coming out the other end. Your house might suffer, your family might not like you anymore, and you may need a shower and a good nap, but you will be happy.
I am so grateful to be able to, most of the time, follow my muses lead, it is very important to me. My family having known me for so long, is very tolerant, maybe not happy, but tolerant. ;-D It must be hell living with an artist sometimes. Or maybe it is heaven. Anyway, they do put up with a lot. I am grateful.

Having no pictures of my latest, I dug through my files to see what I could put up today.

I am putting up some earrings I made probably back in 1981-1982, maybe earlier. No laughing, everyone starts in exactly the same place, the beginning. I started there too. I just don't usualy show anyone anymore. ;-D

I think it is a natural progression of working with oven bake clay to play with the scraps, they are so beautiful and the colors are fantastic. With the group of people that started in beginning of polymer clay, we all did this playing. After all, there were no instructions at that time.
Well, one of the things that happened when you cut a scrap ball of clay in half is...
each side of the cut would be a mirror image of each other.
I am telling you kids, I thought this was hot stuff back then and could spend hours doing this. There were also real interesting pictures inside too!
I called them mirror or mirror image beads. Such a descriptive title, eh?

The pair on the bottom right are just scrap coils twisted, that were rolled in to snails.
So get out your clay and start at the beginning. Get to know it first. Make snakes.
Have a great day and be sure to play!


  1. You really are in a very prolific state with your art and it is very exciting and energizing to witness. "you may need a shower" HA! That's where I'm heading and then it's off to the scrapping store for LETTERS!!! **blows kisses** Deb

  2. Hi Marie! You're going to fast with all those posts every day! I missed a few i gues LOL! My daddy is going to the USA again. He goes almost every year for 1 month. He goes with his girlfriend. They rent a car and drive to many places. He also goed to California this time. to lake Tahoe and Mammout lake. I wish i had the money to go someday....

  3. Marie...when did you change...I mean blog wise?
    Oh I must get out and visit more!

    I love your old pics of your little creations...I remember making little bits of fun like that too...

    When it stops being fun we'll have to worry eh?

    Love the New? look!

  4. Hi Marie!!! so nice to hear from you and I know what you mean...I have been so busy these days too....wonderful to see your hearts below...they are gorgeous!!!

    Hugs to you and Madi!!!


  5. Here's to Muses, God bless 'em! I am so tickled that you are on a roll. Yeeehaw! Amd these little guys are so psychedelically cool. I think I'd be terrible with clay, because I'd mush and mush and mush until it was just a ball of browny-grey. What would that be? Brey?

    Have fun, Marie! See you manana. :)

  6. I am so in awe of your creative abundance at the moment!! You are just inspiring me!! I love those earrings - they remind me of several pairs I owned in the 80's... Love, Silke

  7. Just let me deal with this one problem at the moment then everything will be back to normal. I promise.

  8. Well, I am off to a great start this morning.
    Note to self, "do not have other boxes checked when deleting someone's duplicate comment."
    What a maroon!!!
    I am posting those my self next.
    Well, muse may be here, but the rest of my brain is on vacation.
    I am sorry you guys.

  9. Onna Addis has left a new comment on your post "Off on another track and a look at the mirror":

    I really enjoy reading your blog Marie! So inspiring. Amen about the Muse..she can be so quick I am writing one song and another is coming in the other ear..same with artwork. When I bead or paint I am in the moment and yet somewhere dreaming of my next exciting project. House chores are far over rated! grin,

  10. Onna it is so nice to hear from you!
    I am so glad the muse it visiting you too. Thank you so much my sweet. I think in the moment is right where we are supposed to be. Time seems so slippery when we are not in the moment, but infinite when we are in it.
    Blesssings all over you dear one!!

  11. Yay! I will be over in a bit after I fix my big mistake.

  12. Jan www.laughingdogarts.blogspot.com

    You are hogging the muse;-) Where's mine? I have half a dozen things started and no where to go with them. Maybe I should get out my clay and play.

  13. I am not trying to Jan. I am not going to kick her out though!
    I think she comes and goes with all of us and she is just here with me now.
    You have your own, there tons of muses, maybe yours are just storing up all the good stuff to bombard you with it soon. You better rest up now!
    I have still have tons of unfinished projects, tons!!!!!!!!!!!
    About the clay, maybe that is a good idea and change the way you are looking at things for a while.

  14. kj Options for a Better World

    marie, it is contagious when the muse visits, don't you think? i'm feeling some of your excitement and i will use it to my benefit tomorrow at the keyboard and in the garden.

    i use clay with the kids i counsel. i;ve found that i like clay. i seem to keep making these small characters with hats. i try to diversify but they just keep coming.

    i am glad you are at a passionate place, marie.

  15. I do think it is contagious kj. That is why I like to surround myself with all types of generous, creative, and brilliant people. Creativity is like electrical currency. The point is to keep it flowing. I think we charge each other with energy.
    Oh, I just love that you use clay with the kids. They love it. I still have a lot of the things that my kids made when they were little. Such precious things. My kids are very creative adults and I think playing with clay helped them open up to their creative abilities.
    Small characters with hats sounds very interesting, I would love to see them.

  16. LDWatkins Swoopin'Along

    I love to see you happy!! My muse is resting, I think.

  17. Thank you Lynda, LOL, I like to see me happy too.
    I do not think that your muse rests very long. I am certain she will be back very soon. Every one has to take a break, even muses.

  18. Hope you had a nice shower Deb!

  19. I am try to post every day this month Donna, I am sorry. Read fast!
    What a wonderful vacation Donna. It would be so nice if you could go. Lake Tahoe and Mammoth are just gorgeous.

  20. It hasn't been very long Celia. I am so glad you stopped by. Just trying to freshen it up in here. I am glad you like it.
    I have been so busy with Madi, I haven't had much chance to visit either, sorry.
    It was a blast just to marble clay then, lol, it is always good to remember where we have been so we can see where we have gone!
    Hope all is well with you and life is being very veery good to you

  21. LOL!! Bella I am sure you could do this. Maybe you just need to start. There are lots of thing to use brey for. LOL!! This I know is true.

    I found a pink elephant!!!

  22. Awww thank you Diana and I am so glad your muse is going strong. Your muse is one that rarely takes a vacation from what I can see. You must feed her well.
    Madi sends hugs your way to for you and Cole.

  23. LOL!! You have that abundance yourself Silke!!
    You are very prolific and creative.


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