Thursday, May 5, 2011

More of the scrapbook!

Yesterday, I slept all day.
I told you about the cold I had before. Well, It came back with a vengeance.
Knocked me down and continued to flog me for a few days.
We have what we call in Southern California , Santa Ana weather conditions. These have not helped by drying me out, as I would imagine they would, they have made me feel awful.
It is so dry that I have had nose bleeds all day yesterday. This just sucks.
My head hurts so bad.

Anyway... whining over, here are the other pictures to the scrapbook! You can find the first part here
After this I am going back to sleep!
Another lovely paper, flap closed.
Flap open tags inside.

Tag out so you can see behind.
I though the paper with the alphabets was too big, but I think it looks good.

Flap closed and pages facing each other. This is how the pages will look when you open the book. These pages have a slightly green cast to them.

Next 2 pages and these have a slightly blue tint to the pages. I do adore domino's, so this paper is perfect for me!
You can also see how the tag fits in the top flap and in to the small flap on the right of the left page.
Hard to believe I wrote that with this cotton covered head.

The right page with the tag in the bag, but no tag in the flap or little pocket next to the rivets  and along the bottom.

Another awesome paper, I love the music sheet.
No tags for this one yet!

Writing happens to be one of my favorites too and with this brown fabric looking paper I wish I would have put this is the front of the book. The part of the paper that has the darker pattern over the top of it is glossy, nice contrast to the matt paper.

Here is the last page, it is the same as the front page facing the cover or I should say it matches that one.

Here you can see it with the inside cover of the album.

Binding this one was not working for Jodi or I. We used rings and then cables and it was just not opening right.

I had bought some wire cable necklaces from a gem fair I went to and tried those on the book.
The book opens nicely and the pages fall flat when you open them.
I think they are going to work. This is the bottom of the front cover.

Tah Dah!


  1. this is truly sensational. the colors, patterns, everything goes together so perfectly. it is really beautiful!

  2. Sorry you are not feeling good. But thanks for waking up and sharing the scrapbook. Love it.

  3. Oh my goodness, these are so creative and gorgeous! Love all the flaps and pulls and rivets. Wow! Awww, Marie. I hope you feel better pronto! Hugs and kisses from a safe distance. xoxo

  4. Just beautiful, Marie. They look so difficult to create. I DO hope you feel better for the weekend! Big hugs! Theresa


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