Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon

Ok, Wednesday Wonder is back and so am I a little. ;-D

I have always loved balloons and I think they are just yummy. Colorful, helium, clowns, birthday parties, and the absolutely radiant smile Madi gets when she gets a baooooon!
That my friends, is sunshine on a cloudy day.

I think that balloons still qualify as a non traditional medium, even after doing the WW on Jason Hackenwerth here
I mean to tell you after Jason, it is kind of hard not to think of balloons being an art medium, period.

But this one I love because a non traditional art medium, Balloons, is being used in a very non- traditional way.
No air was involved, that for one is another reason.
And she get points for the greatest use too, it is one of those, "I never would have thunk it" things!
At least to me anyway. Maybe, just maybe you will agree.
With out any further ado,

I want to touch it, don't you???
Looks comfy, a mass of latex balloons.
It is a rug! WOW!

Another tactile texture trap,


I love Black and White, so this one makes me happy.

Doesn't that just make you smile?
These are from Alicia Beck's Esty store and you can see The Miranda Sue here,
And you can see Alicia's great designs at her website here, 
Well done Alicia!

Hey Alicia, how do you clean those rugs?


  1. Wow how cool is that and yeah who woulda thunk that? I guess she thunk it!!! It always amazes me in this modern fast world we live in when you think everyone has thought of everything - new ideas pop up all over the place - it is wonderous indeed.

  2. WoW is exactly what came to me when I saw your post. Amazing and oh so fun.

  3. Hi!

    Thank you so much for the awesome review!

    To answer your question, all you need to clean these rugs is a vacuum. You could even use a hose if you really made a mess...


  4. I say to myself every day Donna, "How can it get any better than this" and then I just wait for the better to unfold right before my eyes.
    Alicia helps us all entrain to a another level of awareness. It is truly wonderous.
    Thank you Alicia.

  5. Nicole fun is good, yes?

  6. You are so welcome Alicia.
    I like that I can use a hose.
    Love it!!

  7. Oh, WOW! Isn't that the coolest things?! I wonder how it feels like under your feet...i guess cold in winter and warm or sticky in summer,hahahaha!

  8. HA! How do you FIND this stuff, Marie! This is incredible! Hahahaha, no slippin' and slidin' on this one, that's for sure.

  9. I wonder how that would feel on your feet. Curious, indeed. Thanks for a look.

  10. Ingenious. Where do you come up with these people? :~P Thanks for sharing them.

  11. Oh Wow is right Donna!
    Alicia says it feels great!
    I am imagining that it does too.

  12. I used to think of the most bizarre thing and search it as an art, Bella.
    Now they just seem to fall before my fingers and eyes.
    I think I must have WW in the back of my mind all of the time.

  13. I am imagining it will feel good. I want to see, don't you Barbara?
    I love love love the way it looks though, I think I could live with it!
    I love also that it doesn't look like balloons really until you read it is.

  14. They just seem to come to me Jan!!

  15. Wow! Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!

    I will be making welcome mat size rugs in the near future so they are more accessible and affordable to everyone.

    They really do feel wonderful to walk on because they squish under your toes!

    Also, So Dark so Cute is right about them feeling cool. They won't get sticky unless you put them in the sun. The best idea is to keep them in a cool area that doesn't get too much direct sunlight. That way they always feel nice and cool.

    Anyway... thanks again!

  16. These are really fun pieces! I like balloons, too - they are just really happy things. Thanks for sharing! Theresa


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