Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lots of info- saturday catch up!

Well, I think the shock of me putting up a new picture broke blogger ;-D
Thank you so much for your sweet comments, I really appreciate them.

I lost all of the comments on the last post, I think, and most on the one before.
All of the comments I made are gone.
I also have arrows in my tags in the last post instead of commas. Weird.
Did any of you have the same thing happen?
It was strange not to have access to blogger also.

I felt disconnected from you all.
Well, since blogger was down I had to find something else to do ;-D

I am getting ready to teach a 2 day workshop at Quilter's Paradise on Memorial weekend.
That is where our guild has its classes. A lovely space and a nice place to have our classes.
If you are interested, you can find out here left sidebar, click on classes.
I am working on the supply list right now.
After being sick for so many weeks my brain is moving slowly.
I also get distracted, LOL!! Like now.

Madi and I also colored on friday. She has a very hard time staying on the paper.
We have Giant post it notes and she can attach them all over the house.
I have colored-on walls, drawers, and cupboards, and I am trying to prevent that in the future.

I uploaded some more things in to the Hoarders Closet.
I put up some Sacred Heart molds from original sculpts. They are a set and they are mirrors of each other, and tiny, great for earrings and embellishments. They can also be used for food, chocolate, precious metal clay and of course, polymer clay.
My friend the Woodwife has used them on some of her pieces and the links are on the listing.

Tomorrow is Fave Crafts finished on the 15th Blog hop!
I have a great tutorial for tomorrow. Those of you that are mixed media artists, shrine makers, frame embellishers, and painters are going to love it. At least I think you will. I do.

Tomorrow is also the first day of a going out of business sale by a wonderful stamp on line store, Scroll Works. They have beautiful stamps and they are going to be starting with 40% off all their inventory. They have 50% off sale going right now that is pretty amazing already!

Always remember to click on their links
so you can see the stamps without the frames too!
From the Scroll Works site and you will not believe the price on this stamp.
 Check it out
It is a progressive sale and the discount gets bigger and bigger till the 15th of July when the virtual doors close.
It saddens me to see another business bite the dust.
I did more, but I am rambling. so I shall go now.

So, until tomorrow my pretties, I am wishing a glorious weekend with all the magic life can bring you!


  1. I had the same thing happen on my blog, Marie. Blogger been bad!

  2. Your upcoming tutorial sounds fascinating, I'll be back. I'm glad blogger seems to be back in business. Glad you found some fun things to do in the meantime.


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