Tuesday, May 17, 2011

African Trade beads-part 12 Shinning Star

Well, I figured it was about time for another African Trade bead cane image.
I have been taking a little break because of sickness and I thought I better do something constructive for once ;-D
This one is unique because I am using a cutter to get the image and I am cutting wider stripy things to go around the out side of the cane.
I could also see this cane in a circus, that is because the original cane that I took this from is just the star and the red packing and the white outline. I took creative license with the outside.
You can also see here how to make star canes, for the flag, for wizards, and for fingernails ;-O if you wish!

You will need:

Clay Machine
clay slicing blade-SB
Red Cernit
Yellow Cernit
Blue Cernit
Opaque White Cernit
Green Cernit
Porcelain White Cernit
Ruler if you need it
Middle cutter in the Makin's clay Star set M36006
Knitting needle 3 to 4mm

All links above lead to my husband's on-line store the www.clayfactory.net

Thank you so much for looking.

Mix all of the colors and the opaque white with equal amount of the porcelain white.

Condition and roll out yellow on the thickest setting in the clay machine.
Fold the sheet in half to double the sheet. Press out the air.
Using the medium star cutter in the Makin's Clay star set.

 Using the  seam in the cutter for a registration mark place the stars on top of each other.
The seam will show on the side match that up every star you add to the stack.

See where the black star is next to the star?
That is where the registration place is.

If you cut out the star and place the cutter with the cut out star in it on to a flat piece of the sheet.
Pressing it down just a little and pulling back quickly you can get the star to come free from the cutter.

You can also dip the cutter in a little water, just the bottom cutting edge. Sometimes this helps.
I know you can do that with Cernit, for other clays you have to make sure it works.
Dry the star on a paper towel.

I have stacked 5 stars.

Press them together gently and then press the points together.
I am making the points sharper for handling if they are out of whack.

Condition and roll out a sheet of the red on the thickest setting in the clay machine.

Trim for a straight leading edge.
Trim the side to the star.

Trim the other side do the sheet of red is the width of the star laying on it.

Wrap around the star loosely and trim off the excess so the edges match.

I stand the star up on one of its faces and press in the sides of the red clay sheet in to the dips between the points on the star.

Cradling the star in one palm I use the knitting needle to press the sheet to the dents.
I have to take the picture so it is shown on the work surface.

I go back and cradling the star in my palm I pinch the points on the star again to sharpen them up.

Coming soon... part B http://mariesegal.blogspot.com/2011/05/african-trade-beads-part-12-shinning_18.html


  1. You always make this look so darn easy. :)
    Have a great day

  2. It is easy...now!
    That is why I am doing these tutorials, so it is easier and then with practice it becomes easier for all.;-D


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