Monday, May 23, 2011

Something happened Friday :-O

I know it seems the same on the outside here, but something happened Friday that rocked my world.

Cynthia Tinapple from Polymer Clay Daily mentioned my little switch plate and my series tutorial on the African Trade beads, she also mentioned a bit of our history in polymer clay.  You can see it here

"On this blog I showcase the best polymer clay art online to inspire and encourage you."
 from the Polymer clay Daily Blog
This is a big deal in the Polymer Clay World (Oprah big) and I am humbled by the response and by the large number of comments and out pouring of thanks and cheers!
You are so welcome!

I just have to say that I could have never done this with out the help and support of my dear hubby Howard who just wanted to be a stay at home dad.
He did that!! Well done Howard and along the way he also gave me the encouragement and push that an artist sometimes needs.

Thank you Cynthia, so much, I can not even begin to word how I feel and how much this means to me.
Blessings all over you!
And thank you Howard, you are the best!
What a long strange trip it has been. ;-D

Happy Monday to you all, welcome to new friends, and be kind to each other and change the world, one smile at a time.


  1. I saw your light-switch on polymer clay daily! well done! Lovely heart by the way.

  2. wow marie! that's so awesome! you deserve every bit of recognition you get! not only are you an absolute artist, but you also give to others and try to help/teach along the way. way to go!

  3. That is so wonderful Marie and so wonderful of your hubby too. Where would we artsits be without the support and encouragement from our loved ones who are our greatest fans!!

  4. That is so awesome Marie!! Well done, and you definitely deserve the recognition!! I love that "Thanks" heart, it is fantastic!! :)


  5. Just a HUUUGE HUG! from me Donna xoxoxox

  6. That is wonderful, Marie!! Congratulations!! I am off now to check out the other blog... Love, SIlke

  7. Yeaaahhhh!!! if anyone deserves the recognition it is you. I am so happy for you.

  8. OH HOOOOOOORAYYYY! I give you an Oprah-calibre standing ovation!!!!!!

  9. you deserve all the recognition you can get, Marie. You are a Rock Star of polymer clay!! rock on!!

  10. YIPPEE-DO!!!!!!

    what a treat to be able to feel your squealing beaming pride from here! i'm glad you mentioned oprah because that tells me how elevated your fame and game is, and you deserve all of it.

    effort counts, right? you prove that everyday, marie. ♥

    love love

  11. I was happy to see you featured. You deserve it!

  12. Oh, Marie. This is sooo well deserved. You give so much to the PC world!! You´re a great artist and I´m so proud of you!! And what a darling husband you have!!!

  13. BIG congrats to you, Marie! It is an honor truly deserved. :) And congrats to your hubby, as well. What an amazing team you make!!! Theresa

  14. After all the inspiration you have provided others, it is time the polyclay world gives back to you. You are amazing!


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