Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A new wall plaque

My Mom and Dad are here from Florida. They come every year for their high school reunion.
50+ years ago they graduated from a local high school in the town I live in.
We went out to dinner tonight, all of us. ;-D
I gave my mom her Mother's day present tonight.
I made one of those plaques.

Even though I like the MOM plaque better myself. This is richer and more sophisticated, like my Mother.

I used the blue ribbon to tie this in to her decor. It has very long ribbons so she can hang it anywhere and at any height she wishes it to be.

I love how rich the background looks. I used Old Brass Lumiere. What a great color. It goes well with the Antique Gold Cernit, really well.

I think I love making these little plaques and every time I make one, I see, and want to make ten more. How can it get any better than that?
I love when art breeds rabbits.


  1. Rabbits indeed!! Love this so very much!! It is rich and warm. I am sure your mom loved it too. Have fun with them. I am off to breed some rabbits - my art not my real rabbits!! Ha ha. Today is Frida day.....more Frida's coming up...

  2. This is such a nice gift. Great way to say I love you.

  3. Thanks for visiting today, Marie; it means so much to me.
    What a piece you've created here... you always out-do yourself!

  4. Such a lovely Mother's Day gift for your Mom! Just beautiful Marie! Enjoy your visit with your parents! :) ~Trina

  5. This is wonderful Marie! omg~~~I can see why you'd want to keep making them. All the details; BEAUTIFUL!


  6. I know what you mean...I love when a series beckens. I love this plaque even better than the Mom plaque...does that mean I am sophisticated? ☺

  7. The plaque is beautiful, Marie! I am sure your mom loved it. :) Theresa

  8. i noticed the gold background right away: it is the perfect backdrop. i have its sister copper as a border in my kitchen and i love how it sparkles.

    did your Mother pull this gift to her chest. close her eyes dreamingly, and give thanks? :^)

    how come your parents seem so YOUNG, marie?


  9. Oh my, the detail on this plaque is fantastic! Look at all that! And the blended colors are beautiful! Your mother must have been beaming.

    Good luck preparing for your class. Sounds like a load of fun! Two days with Marie! Can't get any better than that!


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