Thursday, May 19, 2011

If the Borgia's had light switch plates part 2

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on the last switch plate. You all made my day.
It was very nice to have people love something that I love too!
This is not always the case.
Have you ever made something and thought this is the best thing I have done, EVER?
Then had no one take the least bit of interest or even the slightest look at a piece you think is just the best thing you have ever done.
*I don't mean here though, I am very lucky here to have all of your kind comments. But I used to work all week to take things to shows to sell at for a good many years, and the ones I thought were just awesome and would sell like hot cakes usually didn't ;-D*
Don't you just hate that?
I know hate is a strong word, but I really don't like that a lot.
So thank you again for agreeing with me. I love that switch plate, but...
this one is my all time favorite now!

Don't know why, just is. I do think it is the color though. It is a little brighter and lighter than the last one.

Maybe because the individual components stand out more against the background.

Rodrigo Borgia was pope at the end of the 15th century, he was a womanizer and he used his papal seat to elevate his family to new heights of wealth and prestige.
There are also opinions of the opposite too.
Pope Alexander VI
"His pontificate is frequently characterized in extremities – he is often said to have been the worst of all Popes. But there are also positive opinions and legends about Rodrigo, mostly strengthened by the recent discovery of various historical documents. The era in which Alexander VI held supreme papal power was full of scandals, infringements and signs of moral offense among the highest authorities of the Latin Church, and whether he did any worse than many of his predecessors and successors has been questioned."


He served from 11 August 1492– 18 August 1503
11 years and 7 days
But 17 out of 22 cardinals supposedly voted for him out of greed.

It is a new Showtime series called
the Borgia's and Jeremy Irons plays Rodrigo.
I am intrigued by the costuming and the sets and Jeremy Irons. ;-D
It is very hard to beat
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry in the Tudors in my opinion.
I am finding though that the more I know the characters, the more I like, no love, the series.
The season finale airs on Sunday the 22nd of May. ;-(


  1. I thought I left a comment last time but I guess I didn't. Don't know anything about the Borgias but the switchplates are awesome!

  2. What can I say, you've got another winner. I find that certain pieces of my work sing louder to me than others, making them my favorites. Perhaps that's what's happening here, however, both of them are absolutely gorgeous!! You do lovely work, Marie. As for others not commenting on one's work, yes, that can be frustrating, but ya know everyone has their own agenda and sometimes they just won't bother coming to your blog for what ever reason...don't know, but stuff happens!

    I love the Tudors, unfortunately, my husband isn't into those bio type series and I can't get that program on any other television except the one in our family room. I told him I were going to Netflix these series since I'm unable to watch them on their regular programming nights and I don't know when they come on during the weekdays...he asked me if I thought he'd enjoy them, I told him NO!! LOL Why would I be Netflixing them if he did!! DUH!!

    However, I'm looking forward to seeing the Borgia's as soon as it's available. I am very familiar with the history of both Tudors and Borgia's but no matter, still love seeing these series. Like "Lion in Winter," with Peter O'Toole and the late great, Katherine Hepburn and very young Timothy Dalton and Anthony's about Henry II and his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine...I love her history, or is it, herstory!!??

    Again, Marie, gorgeous work, as always, but I will say, these light switches are exceptionally beautiful!! Have a great week.


  3. i think ALL your work is the best ever! i know what you mean, though. those little comments can do a lot for a person's confidence, and i can't say how many times i've been so proud of something and zilch, nada, nothing. *sigh* but i have to remember that i do my art for me and THEN if other people like it's icing. but i really do think your work is the best ever. loving this light switch cover too!

  4. Oh I see why you love thar one the best so do I. If I had that light switch I be turning my lights on and off all day just so I could look at it and touch it. Wow it is really stunning!! I love everything about it!!

  5. It used to happen at shows Georgina, not here so much. I guess I didn't make that clear at all. It also sometimes happens in Etsy. I will think this is going to sell and then it doesn't
    The people that follow my blog are so supportive, I am lucky, I think.

    Oh you are going to love them both.
    Henry is fabulous. If I rented it on netflix though, I would just sit int he room until I had watched them all. LOL!!!

    Herstory!!! LOL!!

  6. WOW this is just amazing MArie. Art to frame your light switch - just amazing!

  7. Excellent work Marie. I love them. Your work is just wonderful. Have a great day.

  8. Thanks Lisa, you are so sweet.
    I know it is for for me and it should not matter. But it so nice to know someone else likes it too!!
    I guess in the quest to make money from my art it is always good to know what people like and it is not always what I like.

  9. LOL!! That's funny Donna. I have not listed these in my shop yet. I am having a hard time doing that. They sit on my desk and I just pick them up and rub my hand over each of the components.
    I may have to put these in my house!

  10. I love working on Switch plates Carmen. They are like little canvas' and they are functional. Perfect!

  11. OMG!!!!
    omg...omg...omg....I LOVE THIS!!!
    (this is what happens when I miss blog posts...ACK!)
    Marie, this is just stupendous! I can't find words. Seriously.


  12. Blogging is so unique in and of itself. Readers are caught up in their lives and barely have enough time to view, let alone comment. I have a couple of loyal readers who leave me comments and I highly value their insight. It always makes me laugh out loud when they say, "it's not my cup of tea, but it's wonderful." You are so gracious and big hearted; always acknowledging and replying in turn. Thanks for that.

  13. I know Marlene, I wasn't refering to the blog though, I am very lucky here.

    I was refering to when I was doing shows, but I didn't say that, sorry. ;-D
    I used to work all week on pieces to sell on the weekends and the ones I thought were going to sell like crazy didn't.

  14. Marie, this is another wonderful creation. It's funny that you use the Borgias. Oh my goodness, the most power hungry family of Europe. The Prince by Machiaveli was patterned after one of the Pope's sons. And a Pope with a children? Who would have imagined? I read about Lucrezia Borgia. Actually it was part of a book called The Popes and then I also have a book called The Bad Popes. History rocks!!!

  15. Thanks Ces!
    I like history too, now!
    I used to hate it in school and now I go searching for stuff on my own, LOL!!
    My friend Jodi's huband is a history buff and he tells the best stories, I think he got me hooked.

  16. Wow, Marie! This is absolutely stunning! You did a stunning job with it. :) Theresa

  17. What an intriguing switchplate and I like the inspiration behind it. History is such an interesting subject a lifelong love of mine. I also enjoyed the Tudors but havn't seen the Borgias with Jeremy Irons
    he is such an amazing actor and gets such great parts. I do have a book about the Borgias which makes for fascinating reading though.

  18. marie, i know what you mean about loving something you've created and having a flat reaction from others. i can never figure that either. i think the trick is to keeping loving it, and never sell it short.

    i don't know anything about the borgia's but your switchplate gave me a clear visual image of the people and place. that is a sign of significant art!

    take care ♥

  19. Love the switch plate and the Borgia influences. It really has texture and even looks a little steam punk to me.


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