Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fave Crafts Blog Hop-Finished on the 15th, May

May already?
Seems like I have been saying that every month when the 15th of the month rolls around.
Ready or not here it is!
Welcome all to the Fave Crafts Blog Hop, Finished on the 15th, May!

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I am excited to share this technique. I have been playing with it for a couple of years and love what I get out of it.
See that textured burgundy shiny stuff in the middle of this brooch?
It is aluminum foil. I used Pinata Ink to color it.
I have tons of tools and I like to find other uses for them besides just for clay.

You will need:
Clay machine
Makin's Texture plates
Sheet wrap foam for packaging (it is very thin, not bubble wrap)
Aluminum foil
Golden Gel Medium heavy gel
Popsicle stick
Pinata Ink 6015 Sangria
3/4' or 1/2" flat soft brush

This background is the textured foil on a board. Covers like paper, nice!
I have used Lumiere Copper metallic paint on this textured foil to color it.

Here is what I use for the brooch. Once that foil "paper" is dry it can be cut with scissors.
And then it can be colored with Pinatas or Alcohol ink.
I use a piece of felt to apply the ink to the texture foil.
I blanked out the label because I have ancient bottles of the inks and that label has changed. It is good to know that as long as that cap is tight, they will last a very long time, years!

These are different textures that I have made. Some of the plates work better than others.

Here is the back of the foil, the dull part. You can use both sides of the foil and the dull one might be nice for some projects.

Another example.

Cut the foam to the width of your clay machine or a little smaller.
Place the foil over it.
Place the texture sheet on top.
How you place the foil in depends on how the texture turns out too.
Shiny side close to the foam will give me a great beehive print when I press the texture plate in to the dull side.
For this texture plate I ran it through the machine on the 3rd thickest setting. Each texture plate demands a different setting on the clay machine. You want to put it through tightly with out breaking or smashing the design in the texture plate.

This is a better shot so you can see the texture plate.

This is run through the clay machine.
I turned the foil over to the dull side and I gently brush on some of the gel medium. I am generous with the gel medium. Go slow and gently, you can take out the design if you are too aggressive.
Let that dry over night.
I make several sheets and dry them over night.
Then when it is dry you pile up some gel medium on one side of the sheet and gently use the Popsicle stick to squeegee it over the surface again, like spreading grout or cheese ;-D.

Do all of the sheets and let them dry over night.
Till dry.
You can attach this to boxes, paper mache, cardboard, raw polymer clay, frames, and shrines, and I bet a ton more things too, with a coat of gel medium on the surface of the object you are covering.

I really love this one, the texture and the color, I used Baja Blue Pinata.


  1. You, my friend, are the 'Queen of Technique'. This is all so amazing and beautiful!!! Love the heart!!

  2. What a cool technique!! I loved the post!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful technique!! Beautiful work, as always Marie!!!

  4. Beautiful work with this fun technique! Thanks!


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