Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A look back, way back

This is my husband and I in front of our first brick and mortar store in 1988.
We were so proud.
Our kids had just both gotten in school and we thought it was time.
We were right next to a bar called the Bosses Office.
I loved that name.
Time flies when you are having fun, and even when you are not, so you might as well have fun!


  1. Wow Marie, old pics new pics!! I noticed you changed the picture on your blog too!!! Love the Fimo Factory, so really you are not just the clay lady you are the clay couple!!

  2. OMG!! I always knew you were married to ZZ Top! What a cute pic of you two youngsters...How looks like he's ready to go bet on a horse...just sayin'. Love this!!!!

  3. LOL!! I though it was time to put up a new profile pic. The other had been taken so long ago, and I have aged big time!
    Even though I wanted to stay the other way it was time to update and face the gray and fat.
    We have been the clay couple for an age it seems.

  4. Thanks Jo, pretty funny, eh?

  5. LOL!! Your comment made me chuckle Mer.
    It is definitely a remember when moment, yes?

  6. Hi Marie! I love the pic of you two! :) And I think I like the 'now' pic of you better. You DO NOT look the least bit old and gray!! xox Pam

  7. What a fun picture Marie! You two look so happy! And your new profile picture is beautiful! The "new" haircolor looks good on you, you know! :-) And youre still a pretty lady! xoxo Donna

  8. Hey, pretty lady! Awwww, I LOVE your new avatar photo! And what a great, nostalgic picture. Oh wow, the 80s!

    I hope you're feeling much, much better now. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day, and I'm so glad. Your MOM plaque is fantastic! Reminds me of a great tattoo. :D

  9. I like that picture too Pam. So young and naive and ready to go out and do great things with our enthusiasm and bright shiny faces.

    The other picture of me, now, shows the blows to my idealism. ;-D
    Every one of them.
    It is me now though, so thank you very much.

  10. It is fun to look back so many years Donna. It seems like yesterday though. LOL!! Everyone says that don't they?
    Thank you so much Donna. I could go get a bottle of hair dye, I guess, but the roots grow out to fast!
    I haven't dyed my hair since my husbands sister died, she did my hair.

  11. Hey Bella, thank you dear one!

    I feel better and better everyday, thank goodness.

    I did have a great Mother's day, did you?
    Thank you, that is why I like that plaque too.

  12. Wow what a great looking place. You are right time goes by no matter what so you better make the best of it. Fun I can do fun!!
    BTW Love your about me photo

  13. cute as a button and ready to rock and roll! you are that woman then, and always will be!

    your husband looks like alot of fun in a bohemian sort of way. is he? :^)

    always nice to say hello, marie.


  14. Thanks for sharing the old photo and the new one, Marie. All I can say is "cute couple and beautiful WOACA"!

  15. Wow I love this photo Marie... Young and in love... and probably a bit more reckless than now LOL!

    I love your new photo of yourself... beautiful!

  16. Oh and thanks Nicole. It was time to change the picture, over time.

  17. We thought it was the cat's meow Nicole! I remember the feeling of awe, that we were doing what we had dreamed of.
    So cool!
    Fun is the best, but sometimes so elusive when we only see the toil, eh?

  18. Thanks kj. I have to dig hard to find that innocence and pure gusto now a days.
    You are right though, it is still inside, somewhere.
    kj he is an interesting man, always will be.
    I am never bored though, I am grateful for that.

  19. WOACA???
    I must be slow, Jan. I have been trying to figure this one out LOL!!!
    It is fun to go back, sometimes.

  20. Naive is probably more like it Pattee, LOL and invincible, I thought I was invincible and I had all the time in the world.
    Little did I know.
    Thank you Pattee!

  21. Gosh...cool photo. Takes me back to my own younger days. Naive can be good sometimes, yes? Wondering about WOACA myself. Congrats on hanging in there and all the sucesses you made, as a business and a couple!

  22. Thanks Janie. I will see if I can find out what WOACA means.
    Naive can be good sometimes, yes.
    I was much happier naive ;-D
    Thanks Janie, it has been a long strange trip.

  23. From Jan,

    Women Of A Certain Age=WOACA

  24. What a sweet photo! Thanks for sharing the memories. LOVELY new photo of you, too, Marie. :) Theresa


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