Monday, May 16, 2011

If the Borgia's had light switchplates

If the Borgia's had light switch plates, in my imagination they would look something like this!

Maybe the Fleur De Lis' wouldn't be on there ;-D

My newest switchplate!

Happy Monday, have a wonderful week!
Part 2


  1. Marie, that is GORGEOUS. Love it!

  2. Love it!!! BTW, I won the heart pin you sent to the Orkney Retreat for the auction!!!! I'm thrilled.

  3. You made me laugh out loud...yeah, I don't think the Fluer De Lis would be on there. Your design, sculpting and colors are beautiful. Love that switchplate!!

  4. This is just gorgeous! The other day as I was driving my mother to Phoenix, we were discussing Popes, politicians and other thieves, and she brought up a Pope who had children. I asked her which one, many had children!! We couldn't think of name, but then on Friday night, my sis was watching some series on HBO and there was a reference to some king being poisoned and one of the nobleman said poison was the weapon of then hit me, THE BORGIA'S!! LOL I yelled it out to my mother and she looked at me as if I was growing lobsters out my ears....I reminded her of our discussion during our road trip to see my sis....she then remembered...then my sister looked at both of us as if we were growing lobsters out our ears. She then told me that's a series on Showtime, which none of us subscribe to..sigh!!

    Anyway, your light switch is just amazing, as is all your work. Have a good week.


  5. Yep that is exactly what the they would have.

  6. Just beautiful. They really are!

    I tried watching the Borgias but I couldn't get into it. After watching the Tudors, well nothing compares with Henry the VIII.......

  7. Methinks they would have hired you as the House Artiste! Marie, I have been quietly admiring your work. So delicate and your mind and fingers are so agile.

    You know, I started drawing steam punk last month and it is quite interesting. Totally different concept and very alien to me but I like imagining the ticking and tocking and whirring of the gear and ball bearings. I still am not into it totally and have to immerse all the mechanics in a verdant place just to counteract the metal taste. I actually feel the metal in my mouth when I draw steam punk. What do you call that? Some sort of gustatory hallucination?

    How are you and how is my young friend Madi? Hope you are all well. Best regards. Tsup!!!

  8. love love the switch plate cover!

  9. Wow. The detail in that is amazing!

  10. I never heard of the Borgia;s but I do love that switchplate - so they must be pretty cool!! Wow Marie - this one is super!!

  11. Gorgeous! I love all the texture & details!

  12. Thanks Julianna, I adore it too and I have another one, that I think is even better.
    These are so fun!!
    I want to take every plate out of my house and put in these.

  13. Thanks Mags!!

    Yay!! I am so glad you won and even happier you are thrilled with it!!

  14. Thanks Marlene!!
    I know they shouldn't be on there, but they looked just perfect there.
    The final dig for Rodrigo.

  15. LOL, Georgina, you are so funny.
    You will be able to rent the series next season if you want to see it. I am really enjoying it.
    The decor and costuming are just wonderful!!
    Thank you so much I may have to replace every plate in the house adn then replace the house ;-D
    I don't see any lobsters, LOL!!

  16. Thanks Roberta.

    I loved Henry the 8th too.
    I had a time getting in to the Borgia's also but now... I am hooked.
    It was just the first couple of shows, that people and the scenes were being laid out that got me.

  17. I would have liked that, but the price of screwing up would have been too steep me thinks. ;-D
    Thank you Ces, what a wonderful compliment.

    You and steampunk!!! I can totally see it!
    I am doing fairly well and Madi is getting so big. She has whole conversations with us now.
    It is truly amazing.

  18. Oh Lisa, Thank you so so much!!

  19. Rodrigo Borgia was a papel scoundrel at the end of the 15th century.
    Thank you Donna!!

  20. Awesome piece Marie! I like it a lot! xxxx Donna

  21. Oh ZOWIE! That's a beautiful pattern in the background, and all the embellishments are so much fun. I really love those round buttony things!!!

  22. Thanks Donna, it is my favorite right now!!
    But wait till you see the next one it is my favorite now!;-D

  23. That pattern in the background is from Victoria James Molds. She has great texture sheets and patterns Bella. I love it!!
    The roundy button things are from some roundy button things that are vintage pieces.
    Thanks Bella!

  24. Love your switch plate! It is gorgeous :)

  25. how delicate and sturdy at the same time. i'm amazed by where your imagination goes, marie. you should be a castle curator and castle resident artist. can't you see it? there would be a standing line of battle weary warriors looking to your bolts and hearts and in this case crucifixes.

    where will this switchplate live?


  26. I just found this post while doing a google search for switchplates. This has got to be one of the most beautiful switchplates I have EVER seen! Wow! You are mighty talented! :)

  27. Thanks Deb. I am going to borrow some words from my friend Klew who said it perfectly,
    "Thanks, words of encouragement and support are valuable to all's like breath itself! I appreciate all of you!"


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