Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nita's Angel and the 10th giveaway

OK, I am trying to get my rear end back in gear. 1st off I am sending you all a sunny day.

02/02/10 3:00pm PST
Southern California

same time, same place
One of the reasons I love where I live. I am so sorry you have to deal with all the snow. Remind me of why I love living here when you are having a beautiful green summer and we are at the end of the summer and having fires and everything is brown. It might be a 115 sometimes, but it is a dry heat.
As Renee would say "har har har"!
Any thing over 100 degrees is just plain hot, dry or humid in my opinion.

  I finally finished my 10th giveaway winner, Nita's, angel.
Nita has her own blog Needle pulling thread
check it out.
Remember this?

Nita left almost everything up to me on this one.
And this is what it looks like now.
I hope you like it Nita.

I love how the backgrounds set the mood for the piece.
She is winging her way to you.


  1. Marie, that is GORGEOUS! What a lovely piece of ART. Thanks for showing a sunny blue sky...I'm sure we'll have some here on the east coast soon. :)

  2. Wow - Marie your angel is gorgeous! And I miss those SoCal skies. :) Please send me some SUNSHINE!!! And kiss Miss Madi for me. I hope she is feeling better - xoxox Pam

  3. oh wow Marie!!! this is wonderful...It is always more fun to leave it up to the artist!!! great work as always!!!


  4. This is stunning Marie i bet shes loves it :) here in England the weather is cold, cold, cold !!!!! although we were reaching 10degress last week !!!!! thats practially summer hahahahaha

  5. You have NO idea how I need that sunny day today!!! Off to an early PT appt. with everything hurting. (that means the weather is going to change) This should be interesting....HA!
    Love your work....I still don't know how you do it, but am glad you DO because it is amazing. SO detailed.
    Okay, gotta run---have a good one dear!


  6. It's beautiful Marie , I know she'll love it.

    ~ Be Blessed ~

  7. Oh my goodness Marie, your pieces are gorgeous - as are those pictures of the sky, clouds and palm trees!!

    Thank You for sharing!!!


  8. How could she not like it? She will love it! I do. It is wonderful.

  9. Thank you Theresa.
    I hope you do get some blue skies soon. I don't see how you guys do it with all of the snow. Except you all have the most incredible springs and falls. It would almost be worth it if I could stand the cold.
    My grandmother was from nebraska and she said that californians have too thin of blood to live back east. LOL!!
    Have a great, sunny day!

  10. This is the most beautiful time of year here, I think. The light is just gorgeous.
    It is an la nina year so we are having more rain than usual and it is green everywhere.
    It really is beautiful. I can not send sun today because there is none right now but I can send sunny hugs. Painy and cloudy
    here today. Madi is still not feeling very well and I am worn out. One of my good buddies said that babies are just little germ factories and building there immune systems at this age. I think Madi is going to have a great one.;-D
    I do think that she is on the other side of this cold though.
    Huge hugs and love.

  11. Thank you Diana,
    I like to get some hints from the person to make it really personal. Oh well, she said she liked color and cats. heehee! Good enough to get me going.
    I do love the way this one turned out though and I hope Nita does too.

  12. Thank you so much Fairielore.
    10 degrees C, right?
    Won't be long before the sun is shining, at least for a litle bit.
    And the fields will be full of cowslips.
    Have you had any snow?

  13. Glad I took pictures of it Anne, I will have some sun to look at today while it is raining. LOL!
    Supposed to rain this weekend too.
    Isn't wonderful how we become weather vanes the older we get? LOL!
    Have fun in PT. Careful now.
    Thank you so much Sweet Anne, I have had tons of practice. Just like you and your wonderful painting.
    Have a great day Anne!

  14. Oh, I hope she does Joyceann.
    I think she will too though. Just always a little niggling wondering is all. ;-D
    Blessings to you.

  15. Thanks so much Lori. They seem to be better when I am having a great time making them. Do you not find that is true for you too?
    The more I know and the more I know the person the better I do.
    Like a special connection almost.
    Glad you like the sky and trees. It was a really beautiful sky that day and all clean from the latest rain too.

  16. Awwwwwwww thanks Jan. I always wonder if people will like what I make them though.

  17. Thank you for the sunny day! The angel is beautiful!

  18. Another lovely creation! Even with very little information, your work is brilliant. After you get the information from the person, do you have any kind of process that helps you?

  19. Did you get your egg king???
    Was his crown all a mess??? I wasn't sure on how to package him.


    I know he wanted to live with you!

  20. Popping in for a belated hello & hope this note finds you well.

    CK (-:


  21. Dearest Marie, I didn't see a comment link for the above post about Renee. Beautiful tribute to an amazing woman. I've been missing from the blogs this week and need to come back this weekend and catch up with you...but you are never missing from my heart. Love the skies! Beautiful photos.
    Happy weekend. **kisskiss** Deb

  22. Oh, Marie, she is a beYOOOOtiful angel. Those flowers are incredible and expertly crafted. Lucky Nita!


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