Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogger is eating my comments!

Blogger is eating some of my comments. I am not able to post them. I went in to the forums to find an answer and it seems a lot of others are having the same problems.
Yesterday it was pictures and today it is this. I appreciate your comments so much and I am not ignoring you if you are not posted. I have written to the couple of people whose comments have been eaten, but if I can not get back to you by a link through your comment, I am sorry. This is the error code I am getting.

I found this on the forums from Lord Belmont, he has had this problem for a couple of days.
"I am still encountering difficulty with readers' comments. I have taken action forthwith, though I'd be obliged if any comments sent today could be re-sent. Thank you.

AKA bX-gc7okd
I have made the operator, Google Blogger, aware of this fault; and, to date, they have taken no action to remedy the matter."
There is a gremlin in blogland!! and it eats comments for dinner.


  1. Same here!!!
    hope you can post this!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay Peggy! I got to post this and then got 2 more that were eaten.
    Good luck with yours.

  3. HAHAHAHA! Oh, I'm sorry for laughing. But the picture of your grinning gremlin and his NAME! Hahahahaha! Shame on you, bX-gc7okd. I bet you have a very full potbelly.

    Hope it's fixed soon, Marie.

  4. Love that gremlin!
    Everyone was having the same problems....the other day I could not load any pics. Obviously they are having some nasty problems.
    they need to fix it NOW!!!! LOL!!


  5. happening to me too :/ very annoying

  6. I have had that message on blogger...and that was just doing my page lol. Gremlin running amuck.


  7. Hi Marie!

    I can't post pics - it is sticking html code in my post - arrrrrrrgh! I hope they are paying attention and FIX this!


  8. I experienced the problems with the photos, but I'll keep my fingers crossed regarding the comments! Received 3 this morning, so I'll make sure they posted. Thanks for letting us all know! :) Theresa

  9. I LOVE bX-gc7okd!!! I am talkin serious crushin on him. One can easily see that his Mommy sprung for braces when he was young!
    **blows kisses** Deb

  10. I have problems editing my posts - the worst is using google chrome which makes no sense - hello this is google's blog site!!

  11. Blogger is not only eating comments but today every blog I stopped by I was getting a security error. A lot of other people on blogger were too.
    It is one thing after another there.


  12. Thanks Moonwolf!! It was a fun post and it help me not be so frustrated about Blogger!
    LOL! Last couple of days it has been a pain.

  13. Today is great for me Bella, but I have been hearing horror stories from others.
    I am glad you like the gremlin, I thought he was funny and it helped me not get mad.

  14. Maybe it is the new templates that are messing with everything. Seems things have been all messed up since they put those in Anne!
    I sure do hope they get things worked out soon.

  15. Totally annoying Jennifer Rose! It has been a pain for everyone. Today I am doing pretty good, just taking forever to load!

  16. Gremlin is out of control Sonia!! I hoep he is being kinder to you today!

  17. I am so sorry Pam. There were tons of complaints on there when I went to the forums.
    I had that one of the first posts was from the 16th. I hope they do something soon though, it is really a pain.

  18. If you get notification through your email Theresa, you will know. I saw them dissappear yesterday right before my eyes on my dashboard.
    Had the photo problem the day before yesterday and then got the deleted post things yesterday.
    I hope it doesn't effect you at all!

  19. That is my favorite part of my gremlin, Deb, his teeth. Thank you for noticing.

  20. Hey Jo at Flo. I converted to blogger in draft in the beginning and there were some things that were just off. So I am waiting for Chrome until things settle down a little.
    You are brave.

  21. Oh great Nicole, I haven't got those yet!!
    I hope I never get them!

  22. Blogger may have been eating your comments, but you have not been diminshed and so...I gave you a blog award at www.theplayoflightandshadow.blogspot.com!!



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