Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My third winner OWOH- Li from My thoughts my voice

Li from the blog My Thoughts my Voice http://mythoughtsmyvoice.wordpress.com/ is my third winner.
She is another angel out in blogland that loves to do all kinds of crafts, but her love of crochet has come back to her and she is exploring it again and enjoying it very much!
She loves to read a good book when she has time.
She picked the colors yellow, blue, and pink because they are happy colors. I never would have used these colors in one of my angels with out someone requesting them and I am so glad that Li did.
I am very happy with the results on this angel, she is happy!

Li also asked if I would put something on there that represented me. I loved that, I thought it was unusual, but I was flattered that she wanted me on there. So for you Li I have added the California sun for happy days and a sunny heart where ever you may go. I have also added the flowers I make in the color that compliment your angel because I love making them and right now they do represent me and the place my work is at right now! Li your angel is done with a silver colored 16 gauge wire formed into and angel body and wrapped with a silver color 24 gauge wire. Her face is done in a flesh tone Cernit clay, and is adorned with a yellow Cernit crown with pink hearts all the way around. She also has a halo of wired on citrine and quartz chunks. Citrine for clarity and creativity and quartz for protection and positive energy.  The wings are made from pink, blue, and yellow Cernit and the wings, face, sun and heart are washed with Pewter Lumiere. I made you a good book so you will always have one on hand and two balls of yarn and a crochet hook to take where ever you go. Li I hope you like your angel, she is filled with love for you and positive thoughts.
Thank you so much for giving me a chance to do something I wouldn't have done.
I have learned so much!    


  1. Hi Marie, oh my goodness are your Angels gorgeous...I love them!!! I actually have collection of Angels. I have Angels in my bedroom and throughout my home. I have an entire curio of Angels. Nothing though like yours! Very, very nice!!!
    My Congrats to Li and her new Angel! I love the good ole California Sun you added for her, send some my way to Ohio, we really need it here!
    I hope that you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and much love to you...

  2. Hey Marie this is stunning i bet she loves it xxxx

  3. I am sending a smiling California Sun Bobbi. You will have to take some wind though, it is very windy today. I am electrocuting myself on everything. So it must me low humidity too.
    I am glad you love the angels, I love them too. I have some new ones I will start posting on the 18th. Come back and check it out!
    Hugs and mucho love to you my friend.

  4. I hope Li loves it. I am not sure if she has seen it yet, Laura (Faerielore). I just sent it out last week and it is going over seas.

  5. as usual it is beautiful.. I am sure Li will simply love her gift.. congrats to her

  6. I am positive that Li will love this piece. I think it's great that she wanted something to represent you personally, as an artist, in the piece. Excellent work - it's so very pretty! :) ♥ Theresa

  7. She's gorgeous. I love looking at all your angels.... keep them coming!!

  8. another gorgeous creation, my jaw still drops everytime I log in to your blog xx

  9. Thank you Mother moon! I hope Li does.
    I always wonder whether someone will!

  10. Oh, Marie - she is fabulous! And I love the colors, and the sun (please send some to MARYLAND!!!!). I love seeing your angels, they make me happy! xo Pam

  11. Awww, Marie! This is super. And what makes it even MORE super is that it is so highly personalized. You put so much loving thought into the details, and it shows. Beautiful work!

  12. I love this angel so much. Congrats Li! You put so much of yourself in everything you do....that's why each piece is so unique and beautiful...just like you!!!! Hugs

  13. Li is a lovely person and I was flattered to be asked to put something of myself on it Theresa.
    It was hard to decide what to put though.

  14. Thanks Manon, I think you will like what comes up tomorrow too. I am adding the Iron angels tomorrow and I am just in love with them.

  15. Thanks so much Nicks, what a nice thing for you to say!!
    You made my day!

  16. Sending a California smiling sun to Mayland Pam!! I am so glad you love seeing my angels. And I am really glad they make you smile!

  17. Ready or not here I come Moonwolf!!!

  18. Thank you so much Bella. I try and do the best that I can when I do my pieces. You made my day!

  19. Awwwww thank you so much Lynda! You made my day too!

  20. I've missed this series of angels and are just now catching up. They are absolutely adorable and each one so unique! I'm sure Li will love her angel -- especially with all the personal touches you've added.

  21. Hello Miss Marie!

    Oh I love love love my wee angel! It's amazing how my simple words are reflected from this piece. Yes, a happy angel I have with a touch of sweetness :-)

    How cute is that teeny weeny book and my my! Those yarn and crochet hook are just too cute! I didn't think I would actually see them there.

    And thank you too for the sun and flowers :-) They are very pretty!

    And like you said, I hope I have the clarity, creativity, and positive energy continuously flowing. I'll be reminded of that whenever I see the angel and should not forget :-)

    Thank YOu very much! My wee heart is very very happy :-)


    (she hasn't arrived yet but boy am I excited!)


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