Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday my loves

Today is my mother in laws Birthday. She would have been 80 years old. She died from breast cancer on February 2nd, 2010.
My MIL was smart, a strong and loving woman, and a little psychic.
My MIL was also blatantly honest and expressed her opinion, whether you liked it or not.

Today is Renee Kahn's  Birthday. She would have been 54 years old and she also died from breast cancer on March 9th, 2010.
Renee was strong, a smart and loving woman, and a little psychic.
Renee was also blatantly honest and expressed her opinion, whether you liked it or not.

Thank you ladies for your time and friendship, you are loved and dearly missed.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Oh Marie, I am so sorry for your losses, what a supremely difficult month this has been. No wonder you are making the Iron Angels, you need them to help you get past this pain. You take care.

  2. marie, there is something that comforts me knowing that you will always honor renee's birthday because she and your MIL arrived in heaven about the same time.

    thank you for your comment on my blog. your heart is honest and wide, marie. i'm very glad to know you.


  3. love to them both and to you xxxxxxxx

  4. Happy birthday to them both in the heavens!! xo

  5. Hi Marie - How hard for you to lose two such amazing people in such a short amount of time. Much love to you, my friend. Iron angels, indeed. :) Xoxoxo Pam

  6. This is a really sweet post honoring your MIL and friend. I am so sorry they lost the battle with breast cancer. I too had it years ago and so far I doing okay.
    Wish you could of went to Warrenton with us too.
    I love the place can you tell.
    Mowing today not out there where I want to be.
    Would you be interested in doing a story for my Blogazine post I have. Not sure if you are familar with the other guest I have had on there but I know everyone would love to hear about you
    If interested please email me at

  7. What a beautiful tribute to two wonderful and strong women. Hugs to you, Marie. Theresa

  8. Marie, what a beautiful and wonderful tribute this post is to your mother-n-law and to Renee! Happy Birthday to two incredible ladies!
    Please give my deepest sympathies again to Howard and your family, and to you also my dear friend!
    I know that your mother-n-law and Renee have met one another in heaven and have become friends. We'll all meet them again one day.
    Giant hugs and love to you and your family...I know it's very hard! I wish there was something I could say or do to make things better, but this wonderful, loving post says so much!
    Hugs and much love to you...

  9. Happy first birthday home, you fiesty little ladies! Heaven will never be the same!
    **kisskiss** Deb

  10. What a special tribute Marie. I followed Renee's blog for just a while (after finding it through your blog), but could tell what a special lady she was and how greatly she is missed. Hugs!

  11. Awww, Marie. Incredible that two such wonderful and unique women should share so much. What a wonderful tribute to them both. I hope today was not too difficult for you and your husband.


  12. Hi Marie....what a wonderful tribute and your love and special friendship will remain a constant with these wonderful women...

    You are amazing!!!!


  13. Happy Birthday to your MIL she sounds a lot like mine~ I feel your loss dear Marie...

    And we are all still grieving our Renee.... Her Birthday is another reminder to love each other to our fullest.
    Love xoxo


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