Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Iron Angel 3

This is my 3rd Iron angel but she was done 2nd! They are so confused.

And I found a piece that I did between 1999-2001. I loved this piece, but I antiqued it with Ne-Opaque Black recently and I now love it even more. It even has Friendly Plastic in it!

I didn't know this was called Steampunk then. I think it fits real well in that category.

Also I think this is so worth reading. It is from one of my favorite people, Mother Moon http://mothermoonsmessage.blogspot.com/ . The wonderful words and wisdom is titled "Positive Attitude"
The small piece here is just the beginning.

"There is always something positive in any situation. Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining that may be so faint that the darkness of the clouds that it encircles keeps you from focusing on it. Yet still it is present. Sometimes it is not immediate that you are blessed with the goodness of a situation. Sometimes it can take time… Sometime it can take years….. Sometimes you may never see it… yet it is still present. Sometimes the gain is not necessarily for you, yet for another. Who through your trial and manner in which you handle and work through it, are inspired in an area of their lives to do likewise."

On that brilliant note, onward and upward my pretties!!


  1. This is turning into a really cool series MArie! I love the *stuff* added to the angels, and I also like the older piece you showed.
    Makes me wonder if I still have any of the charms from when that scene was happening or if I sent them to Goodwill in a fit of pique.
    Probably the latter..... >:\
    Have a good one!


  2. WOW!!! This is such an amazing piece, great work.

  3. Thank you so much Anne! I am enjoying the older pieces more and revisiting some of those ideas with the venture in to the Iron Angels.
    Maybe the time was just not right then.
    Thank you for your opinion, I value it!

  4. Thank you so much Debby. I appreciate your thoughts and your visit!!

  5. Hi Marie, Wowww Sweetie both of your pieces are gorgeous! The Iron Angel is powerful yet so soothing to the soul!
    I also agree with you that your other piece is Steampunk ...and here you didn't even know it. Maybe it really was you that came up with the idea for those first...Segal's Steampunk!!! Just fantastic Marie!
    I also love the words and wisdom of your friend, Mother Moon, titled "Positive Attitude"
    I hope that you have a beautiful rest of your day!
    Hugs and much love...

  6. Wow!! Very cool, Marie! Love them both!!

  7. Oh the little springs around her head!! She is a mighty iron angel. Is this a necklace? It is so awesome. Never again will I dump old watches and jewelry off at Good Will...it's all going in shipping box to you. Most excellent re-purposing. **kisskiss** Deb

  8. That's your best one yet, Marie.

  9. Hi Marie! How are you? I think that this iron angel is my favorite so far. I adore the color combination and especially those flowers. The wings remind me of owls (don't ask me why!). There is just something that truly speaks to me about this piece. I love it so much...great work! :) Theresa

  10. Miss Marie...maybe you are just wayy ahead of the times!!! This one is very pretty and I love the colors on her...but then I love them all!!! big hugs Beth

  11. I really like the last pice the necklace is it?. Anyway awesome piece.

  12. Oh Marie, what a wonderful series this is turning out to be. Looks like you have had this sort of work inside you for quite some time now. Keep it up!

  13. Why is it called steampunk? I have to read more about it. Thank you for your beautiful message Marie. I am so happy to hear Madi is walking. I will be back later.

  14. Love both of these pieces hun, your iron angels are amazin and i love that necklace FAB xxxx

  15. I love our iron angels!!!
    I love that necklace!!! So should wear it I hope.

    Love to you Marie~~

  16. Oh, how I love this angel! Gorgeous pattern in her heart. And so neat you you did those flowers, with that pattern inside and the beads. Wow! The necklace is fabulous, Marie! I think the antiquing suits it very well.


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