Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goodnight my Pretty- I love you Renee, welcome home.

I had closed this to comments because of my pain. I didn't feel I could answer the love. I realized it is not just my pain and I need the love.
Renee is making her journey home. I love you my pretty. Thank you so much for the time and care that you gave me so willingly. Thank you for your encouragement and candor. Thank you for your humor and friendship. Thank you for showing me what grace is. Thank you for showing me what courage is.
Thank you for showing me how to believe in my self.
I am forever better having met you.

I hear in the distance a voice so familiar.

"Hellooooooo......Renee! We have been waiting for you. I know it is hard to leave those you love. You can sit and watch over them here. We have missed  you so much my dear and have been so eager to have you home again. The world begins and ends with you. You are so cherished and loved here. The sun rises and sets with your breath. Take my hand, come with me... your pain is over but your love is stronger than ever now." 


  1. That was beautiful...Hugs xoxoxo

  2. Loss is a pain that at times can not be described... It lingers and just when you think it is gone it returns... Time does help yet the subtle sting is always present no matter how much time passes. blessings to you...

  3. I am truly sorry to hear this. I did not know Renee, but from what I have learned of her she is a fantastic person and a role model to many. Her strength of character and friendship will be remembered always to those who love her.

  4. I agree with Sonia, very beautiful.
    Love & Hugs,
    Tina G

  5. So beautiful Marie.
    God bless you real good. Safe Journey Renee...

  6. I'm with you Marie...
    This is one of the hardest passing's I've ever had. And even without ever seeing her face to face...

    I've saved several emails she has sent me and see the wonderful supportive, caring person.


  7. Just a comforting hug. (((Marie)))

    -- Birgit

  8. Marie, I love you. I love this tribute. I love those gentle words that will greet her when she finally arrives. I have been drained and empty all day. Nothing but tears. There's always an endless supply of those. But then I look around at all the love, all the lives she connected like little twigs into a nest, and I see her legacy.

    Sending you a warm embrace. xoxo

  9. marie, beautiful.

    i think you are so right about renee's greeting. i imagine so many spirits will be estastic to see her again.

    we are all sad. i feared what it would be like to sit in front of my keyboard, all alone, feeling grief all alone.

    but it has not turned out that way. we are supporting one another. i have made several new friends simply because we are mutual friends of renee's and i think i will cherish them into the future.

    thank you always for your wonderful support and honest emotion. you are a very nice woman, marie, and i'm glad you're here.


  10. p.s. bella's image of twigs forming a nest forming a legacy is so apt. bella, i hope your tears lead you to your heart's desire. that is what renee would want.


  11. Dearest Mary! Youre such a sweetheart! I want to thank you for your kind message that i received yesterday :-) I cant explain what you mean to me, cause my english isnt that good :-( but you know....happycry....x Donna

  12. Dear Marie-I am so glad you have posted these things here. Because of your postings I found Renee's blog and have spent hours reading of her life and getting to know her. Im suffering her loss at the same time, but I feel enriched by her life-remembering someone makes them immortal. Many hearts are breaking together.

  13. Wonderful tribute and art, Marie!!


  14. She has enriched our lives. Knowing her made us all stronger...gave us so much. I weep to know of her pain continuing and pray for her to be pain

  15. Beautiful. I have no words.

  16. So beautiful, Marie. It brought tears to my eyes. We are so blessed, aren't we, to have had such wonderful Mothers-in-Love??
    Keeping you and yours in my prayers!

  17. Farewell, Renee. You are loved. RIP.


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