Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mealy Monsters, OWOH, Nicole Johnson, and Daryl (my new best friend)

I am in love with a monster, and no, it is not Howard, it is Daryl.

I love him, he makes me smile and this is quite something after my month. So you can see my infatuation with this guy.
Officially he is a mealy monster kid, but he is big 7 1/2"  from head to toe, I don't know why I thought they were small when I looked at Nicole's Flickr photo stream.

I got him wrapped very carefully in a bunch of bubble wrap and tissue and then more bubble wrap around him. He must have been quite comfortable travelling from across the north American continent, because he smiled briefly as I took him out. Either that or he was happy to finally be out. He has returned to his slightly suspicious face since then though. His gaze is usually directed at Howard's desk.

I was lucky enough to be one of two people that got one of Nicole's creations in the OWOH blog social Lisa Swifka
hosted from the 25th of January to the 16th of February 2010, I am over the moon. If you did not know about this, you should go read about it. It is probably going to go on next year, mark your calendars now. The were over 1000 of us this year.
I thought out of 333 excited people it would probably be a dream for me to win one of Nicole's awesome monters or kids, but it happened and I am soooooooooooo excited.

Daryl out in the wild the other day.
Click for bigger image
Daryl spends his days guarding my messy desk and watching Howard, roaming through tall grass, playing with my cats and carrying his monster with him everywhere he goes. He is a well behaved child and is very nice to the monster he thinks is a cat but looks similar to a bulldog tritopus a rare form of tritopi that are almost extinct. I think he can tell the difference now that he has met my cats.

Nicole Johnson
Mealy Monster Woman

Nicole's Blog

Nicole's Etsy shop

Nicole's Flickr

If you have not been to Mealy Monster Land, it is time for a little trip to visit Nicole, the monsters, and the kids. All the gates are open for you above and you will be so glad you did.  
Thank you so much Nicole for participating in the OWOH blog social. I am so glad I met you and Daryl.


  1. How nice of you to take Daryl out into the wild!

  2. Nicole is so talented! I love her monsters. :) Congrats on winning! YAY!!! xox Pam

  3. Ohhhh Marie you lucky lady!!!! I love this guy. His face is amazing. I don't remember seeing Nicole's blog during OWOH. I am going there now.


  4. I figured it was the least I could do Melissa, he had spent 3 days in a box, bubble wrapped and juggled around.
    Maybe that is why he smiled when he got out.

  5. I agree Pam and her work is so fun. I have admired them from afar for ages.
    Today I feel so very lucky! It feels good too!

  6. I do feel that lucky Nicole. Today is a good day!
    It was so easy to miss people in OWOH.
    What a list.

  7. Marie...You are one lucky ducky. How awesome for you. I love the picture of him out in the wild..LOL...I am green with envy now.

    Have a marvelous week...xoxoxoxoxox

  8. Hi Marie are you right here in the room with me? so quick hugs if you are.
    Hope my little discourse helps.
    Thanks for the kind comments on my efforts. Much love
    E. XXX

  9. Hi Marie, WOW what a shock I got in Nicoles blog. These guys are scary. Talk about attitude. are they designed to give you attitude or take it away LOL. But very clever, and not just nice pretty are they. I might be in the wrong place just trying to make everything pretty pretty.
    Oh well takes all kinds.

  10. I am a lucky ducky. I am so grateful Sonia. Bright spot in the week for me.
    He looked so cute out in the grass and weeds.
    Please do not be green! It is not easy being green. ;-D
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Thanks for the hugs E! The discourse reminds me I am off course, so it helps a lot!
    You are welcome, the colors are just yummy!

  12. LOL!! they are not scary at all, to me anyway. I am in love with Nicole's work, but I adore quirky. They are very well crafted and charming. I laugh when I look at Daryl and I needed that so much.
    It does indeed take all kinds. It is what makes the world spin.
    But you are exactly right where you are supposed to be.
    Have fun with making it pretty!

  13. Hi again Marie dont we ever sleep.
    I wouldnt know where to start on projects like your Nicholes friends,so as you say I am exactly where I should be, but one day might have a go at figures, quirky or not.
    Love the avatars on your messages here, great. Love
    E. XXX

  14. marie, it's obvious how happy and zany daryl has made you, a shelter in the storm!

    be well, marie. we will make it through a loss too huge to even comprehend.


  15. Oh, Marie! You are such a hoot! I love him too and am off to see Nicole! Thank you for your prayers. Love you, Lynda

  16. I love him!!! That is exactly how I feel before coffee and when trying to make decisions. (maybe I need a personal monster to carry around....)
    What fine work with the clay; never ceases to amaze me people who really know how to make the work look perfect, and perfectly simple to do ...which it is NOT! I know! HA!
    Enjoy Daryl; I am sure he is happy in his new home!


  17. What a cute little guy although he does look as though he needs a good night's sleep. If I had seen that many entries I don't think I'd have bothered to enter, believing I wouldn't have a chance. Good thing you didn't think that way.

  18. Congrats on winning Daryl! Sounds like he is right at home with you.

  19. oh wow!!! what fun....I will have to head over and see her work....

    Wishing you a wonderful day Marie!!!


  20. It is so wonderful to be able to make and do what you want in your art. You get to do that.
    A great place to be in.
    Do what you want, when you want to, it is all good.
    When you done with that you can do figures.
    Have a great week,

  21. kj I am a little scared the zaniness is hysterical madness.
    But it is a relief for a moment.
    Be well too my friend.
    Together strong.

  22. What a sense of humor Nicole has Lynda! You will love it.
    Have a great time.
    I am sorry for your daughters troubles and will keep her in my heart with healing thoughts and intentions.

  23. LOL Anne!!! I look like that too Anne when making desicions. Haha. That is so funny!!

    You have a different style is all, Anne and you will do awesome clay if you feature you painting when making things out of clay.
    Paper clay is perfect for you and then add all of the details when painting. Just make the basic shapes you need out for the bases of the clay. I can just see what you would do with your painting and clay. I so wish I could paint the way you do.
    I am enjoying Daryl in his new home.

  24. Thanks for coming over Jan, I love Daryl. He may indeed need a bit of shut eye. His eyes are very red rimmed.
    I am so glad I did put my name in there. I love this little kid and his monster.

  25. Thanks Crafty Moose, he is adjusting quite well to his new home!

  26. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment, its so strange i was just looking at your blog earlier today, its gorgeous and your creations are amazing xxxx

  27. marie, hysterical madness? maybe that is the flower of living well and worry free!

    btw, that photo of you makes me smile every time. there is joy in your smile.


  28. Hi Diana, enjoy your visit to Mealy Monster land.
    Have a great day yourself and Hi to Cole.

  29. Thank you so much Fairielore. I saw you were following and I decided to come over and visit.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  30. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! hysterical madness huh??
    I just might try that on for size!

  31. Awww...Daryl is a real catch, Marie. :D


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