Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Solstice- part 2

For the runes stones above you will need:
Pinata inks
Cernit porcelain white 2 ounce block
Clay Blade
Pasta machine
Ne-Opaque White
Rune Stamp 246-001k-
Glass Gems Clear- got mine at the local craft store, 3$ a bag
Decorative bag to hold them- local craft store
Here is the other link for how to color the clay

All of the supplies in bold print can be found in my husband's store Clay Factory

After the clay is colored. Condition and roll out the colors in the pasta machine on the 5th thickest setting.

Cover the glass tablet and pinch the edges of the clay down.

Fold the other end of the clay over the glass stone. Trim away the excess so the seam on top matches. Pinch the clay together and smooth.

Smooth all of the seams and roll very gently in your palms to smooth.
Lay the rounded side of the stone down on the rune you want to stamp and roll it a little from side to side to imprint the rune.

You may have marks from the rune next to the one you impressed on the stone, you can smooth that away with your finger.
Lay on your baking cardboard and bake in a pre-heated 275F degree oven for 30 minutes, shut off oven and let cool.
Antique with the Ne-Opaque white.
You can find that at this post.

craft & a cocktail (with the craft whore) celebrates summer solstice with special guest ALICIA BRANDT
Disclaimer: there is some language in this, so if you tend to be offended, don't watch.


  1. Happy Solstice Marie! Your runes turned out wonderful! I too am in love with the runes! Great idea adding the glass to add some weight to them. :) And the translucent clay gives them a real ancient look. Really beautiful! Makes me want to pull out my clay and play today. :)

  2. Thank you so much Cindy, and a Happy Solstice to you!
    Aww go ahead get that clay out!
    These runes remind me of the round old fashion candies that were dusted with powdered sugar. Or like powdered jello ;-O LOL!


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