Sunday, June 7, 2009

Leaving for the PCCMMRetreat

Monday at 4:00am PDT the alarm went off. This is the point where I say "if I didn't pack it, it is not coming with me". I sleep like I am on the edge all night, making lists and popping awake with bring such and such in my head. I forget it all by the time the alarm goes off, it is just a form of self inflicted torture that I have done to myself for years. Besides every time I have forgotten something, some kind soul lends it to me.

I felt pretty organized, but it always happens no matter how organized I am.
Howard makes coffee for me while I shower, nice.
Howard drives me to the airport with little to no traffic, nice.
I get my bags checked and one is 48.5 pounds the other 40, I must have forgotten something right?
Southwest doesn't charge for 2 checked bags, YAY!
I go through security, they check my jewelry case (wire and clay) not the best combo for getting through there unchecked. I have a courteous human being that is friendly and doesn't throw my stuff all over the place, nice.
I walk up stairs to my gate. I am early, nice.
I go to the bathroom and...
I find a "getting small" right before my eyes.
It is a new to me installation of art in the San Diego airport Terminal 1, nice.
From far away as I approach it looks like a long photo and then...

Wow, it is tiles.

1/4" tiles.

With glazed tiles laid in to form the image. This is the baby's face.
This work of art is at least 15 feet long.

This is the baby's left eye. Wow, it is a beautiful piece of art.

And this one is right as you walk in to the women's restroom.
Already this is an amazing trip!


  1. I am excited about this trip and looking forward to all the details.

    That wall is amazing.


  2. Hi Marie,,, have a fabulous retreat. Thats why I was in Cape Cod. A retreat with Make Mine Pink. I had a blast! I love the art at the San Diego Apt. I havent seen that yet. Just beautiful! Have a great week, Happy creating. luv, gail

  3. Renee I had fun.
    I am looking forward to what comes out too. ;-)
    We have very nice art in the San Diego airport or maybe I just love that airport a lot.
    There are some wonderful things in airports all over the usa.

  4. Gail I am back just recapping the event now.
    Must have been the week for events.
    Mine was wonderful and somebody cooked for me all week. And...did the dishes!

  5. Hi,, yes it must have been a great week for retreats. LOl Ihope you were warmer than me. On the Cape it was 38 at night and really cold during the day too !!! But still sooo fun.

    I hope you learned alot of new and fun things. I am glad to be back home and get back down to business! hugs, gail

  6. Oh that is cold. I didn't have it as bad as you. But it did rain the whole time. It was beautiful though and so green. Thunderstorm one night (ear plugs and a cold helped me sleep right through it:-() and warnings of others all week and I missed one at home too.
    I love them.
    Having so much to do inside made it very pleasant though.

  7. Wow! That wall of tile art is amazing. When you think of the patience and meticulous placing of each tile, appreciation for the work and talent involved is immense. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. It is entirely my pleasure Lynda!
    I am so glad there was something there for me to share.
    Isn't it awesome, people just stroll by it and I got some great looks as I was inspecting it also. LOL!!


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