Monday, June 8, 2009

We interrupt this post to take you to the great North West

I did not have time to post this before I left for the PCCMMRetreat and I was waiting for a picture of Alicia’s amazing piece. I keep hearing about it, I would love to see what she did with it.
I will post it when it comes, if it does.
Well anyway…
One of my favorite guilds NWPCG was having a retreat and I could not go :-(. These people are family and I try to go whenever I can. So I sent something (brooch bags) to all of them to play with in my absence. They so nicely played with them and made a fabulous challenge out of it and named it after me.

With challenges, some play and some don’t. Some people like to do that kind of stuff in the comfort of their own home and just hang out at retreats (I am pretty much the latter). I enjoy visiting with everyone and a lot of times when I have an agenda I get nothing done. I could miss wonderful opportunities to meet new people, miss opportunities to talk to old friends, miss a special moment, and then I beat myself up afterwards for not getting anything done, lol!
So I don’t plan anything and just hang out. Spontaneous play is best for me.
When I got back all of these wonderful photos I was delighted with the amount of pictures and how wonderful they all turned out.
They got 2 brooches and a bunch of metal stuff to add to their clay and this is what they all came up with. Same tools but different minds

I now feel wonderful and I feel like I was there in a very small way hanging out and visiting with my friends. Thank you so much for doing this, all of you, you have made my week. What a very kind thing to do.

This is a very active guild, NWPCG or Northwest Polymer Clay Guild. If you live in Seattle, WA. or close to it and you will be glad you checked them out. The camp is held in one of the most beautiful areas in Washington State (IMHO) and every meal you eat, you look out on a gorgeous mountain. And they have a resident comedian pirate.


  1. Wonderful post and what fun I've had exploring the work of all the fantastic artists..not finished yet..will return for more. Thanks for your delightful blog and for sharing your beautiful work.

  2. I was so excited when I saw all of the pictures. It amazes me that with all the same stuff or product how many interpretations can come out.
    I am so glad you enjoy the blog Lynda, it is giving me great pleasure.
    But wait...there is more!!!!

  3. So in other words it isn't just Bella, Ces, and me that are crazy for our Marie.


  4. ARRRRR Comedian Pirates, you say? ROTFLMAO!!! Hey Mur, wasn't Cathy Gilbert's little houses plaque the coolest?
    I have the pix of Alicia's Viking Pirate ship so will get those to you. I haven't had a chance to d/l the camera - out of town too many weeks in a row. And wasn't last week just the best? Hope you're feeling better. I'm in the middle of this blastin' scourge. ARRRRR! Hack, cough, snork...

  5. I thought the little houses plaque was just awesome, but I do love them all and I love all of you for doing something so very sweet like that. It did remind me of a quilt. Love that.
    I will make the changes on the blog when I get Alicia's picture, no rush. I am so glad to know that it is Cathy Gilbert.
    No rest for wicked pirates Mer!
    PCCMMRetreat was the best in spite of the wretched scourge.
    I am doing better but going on the plane with this, stuck it all in my head and I feel my brain and ears have been wrapped in cotton batting.
    ARRRRRRRRRRR!!! cough cough!

  6. Wow! Thanks Marie, thanks Meredith for your kind comments. I had a LOT of fun playing with the goodies that Marie sent for our enjoyment.

    The house plaque is indeed taken from a quilt pattern. When my cousins got married, all of the cousins, aunts, mothers, grandmothers in the family made a quilt block using whatever color, style, and method that they desired. I always used this quilt block and embellished it a bit--adding lace for window curtains and fabric flowers for gardens, etc. It was amazing how beautiful the quilt turned out even with all the differences in color, design, and quilt block. *sigh* Happy memories!

    Oh man! I can't wait for you to see Alicia's pirate ship. She did a fabulous job and I just drool with envy whenever I see it....

    Thanks so much for your blog--I'm glad I stumbled across it and added it to my blog aggregator! It's been a real source of inspiration and joy.


  7. Thank you Cathy!!!The quilt is amazing and thank you for sharing the story behind it. It makes it so much better. I keep finding more of the metal pieces in it everytime I look at it.

    I am looking forward to seeing Alicia's ship too.
    Every single one though is very special in it's own way and I love them all. What a very nice thing to do. I love you guys!
    Thanks to Jayne and Jenn for taking them there for me too!!


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