Friday, June 19, 2009

2nd Giveaway

Well, it is time for the 2nd giveaway. This is part of a pay it forward and backward scheme of mine to celebrate all kinds of milestones and gratefulness. You can read about it at the first post here.
And the winning post here.

This is a piece I have made specifically to giveaway.

I am going to call it Bella. It is beautiful to me, like the person I named it after.

It is entirely hand constructed by me with copper wire and Cernit beads. The black long tube beads you see are Cernit also. The flowers are too.

It has a handmade signature bead on the eye side of the clasp that says Segal and that is Cernit too.
The necklace is one of a kind. Just like the person I named it after.

To win this beauty you will have to comment on the post. Maybe I should make you all do tricks. Naw!
Just comment.
This giveaway will end on the 3rd of July at 6 pm PDT. I am not staying up till midnight. The night I set it for midnight, I wanted to go to bed early.
PS. I will be deleting duplicate commenters as I go so it is a little easier for me. I still love you!


  1. I want to enter this giveaway! What a gorgeous necklace! Thank you, Marie!!!

  2. Dear Marie,
    I love Bella.... I knew abeautiful Bella in the past. She has gone, but I will always remenber her smile.
    Greetings from Germany

  3. I never win anything except the price tag. HAHAHAHA!

  4. So beautiful Marie.

    Bella would be very touched.

    And by the way; you make a very convincing witch.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. What a nice idea!! Your work is always beautiful!! Thanks so much for teaching us your flowers!! I never thought I could do it!!

  6. This is a beautiful necklace. Thanks so much for allowing us this chance to share your love. Count me in! Susan

  7. Bella is a beautiful work of art. I love it. You are truly talented!!!!

  8. No matter how much we THINK we can duplicate the artist's touch it is too cool to win the REAL THING.


  9. Spring flowers are burgeoning in this exquisite copper heart. How delicious it would feel to wear something that shows the renewal of life in such a beautiful form.

    As always, Marie's work shows her her unique and remarkable talent at it's best.


  10. Marie, what a beautiful way to celebrate a life. The love shows and shines from it. You are so talented.. would love to learn from you. judy

  11. Hi Marie,
    Congratulations on 30 years!!!
    The necklace is beautiful (even though it has a heart on it (you know me & hearts...)!

  12. oh my goodness Marie....this is amazing!!! you are such a giving and generouse soul....your art shows passion and that makes it even more amazing....

    thank you for your kind words during this difficult time...


  13. Bella is the true name of your necklace as it is so sweet and beautiful just like my G/Grand D Isabella
    count me in

  14. That is beautiful! I want it! Enter me! You do amazing art with Cernit. I've read about Bella and this is such an honor to her.

  15. Your necklace is a beautiful piece of art. I like the idea and thoughtfullness of your giveaway.

  16. Love the look of this necklace. Carol lavrichc(at)

  17. Oh that is so, so pretty. Imagine me waving frantically and saying "pick me, pick me!"

  18. Lovely giveaway Marie!

    I finally got you added to my fave blogs, sorry it took me SO long!

    Have a great weekend lady.

    Chris (-:


  19. Beautiful necklace -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  20. Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely piece. It is truely Bella (that means beautiful right?)

  21. Marie;

    I love the design of Bella. Most of all I love your blog so inspiring with not only your art but the words of wisdom for the universe. I pray that all clayers could adopt your philosophy. Just saying Hi to you is enough of a reward to me. You have peeked my curiosity so with all that you create in Cernit.

  22. Oh Marie, Bella is simply stunning! Your work is're so talented! What a beautiful necklace and once again wonderful opportunity! Thanks so much're a Sweetie!
    Giant Hugs to you...

  23. That's beautiful - if I don't win it, I'm going to try to create a similar one. I might do that regardless LOL.

  24. May I please throw my name into the Hat...thanks. Now let me get this straight you are giving away that ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL GRAND BABY....RIGHT????? Tee Hee...just kidding of goodness what a Beauty!!


  25. Hi Marie, it's gorgeous, and I know I don't stand a chance, but I am willing to cross my fingers and my toes!

    hope you are well!

  26. Oh Marie! She's stunning! I would be honored to win her! Thank you Marie!

  27. I would love the necklace, but....
    that grandchild is adorable!!!

  28. I would like a chance. I believe wearing Bella will make me a beautiful princess and give me magical powers and enable me to fly and be able read minds and...and...oooh, I got a little carried away!
    I think she's wonderful.
    Tina Goodrich

  29. Very beautiful! I have just the outfit to wear this with! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  30. LOL I had the same thought as Mary Kaye!
    it's IS bellatissimo!! (Is that a word?)

  31. simply beautiful - a true artist

  32. Dear Marie, I would love to own that necklace! You are such an inspiration and an incredibly talented woman! I have to say that it was you who taught me to millefiori, and it changed my life in all sorts of wonderful ways! Thank you so much for all you do for the clay community and artists everywhere! Blessings, Cindy

  33. Aww what a cute necklace! Please enter me :)

  34. I just saw your work for the first time and I enjoyed it so much I could not get away from the computer. I could see the passion and when somebody puts passion,believe me it will touch the heart.Beautiful work.

  35. Marie . . .This is the first time I came to see your blog. The necklace is gorgeous!! I would be very proud to wear it!.


  36. Oh Marie this is lovely! I want it! lol!