Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lady Liberty

"Statue of Liberty Liberty Enlightening the World", which is the full title of Bartholdi's work was fashioned in the style of Greco-Roman art.

I love the Statue of Liberty. Really, how can I not fall in love with 60,000 pounds of repousse patina copper?

Not only is it a monumental work of art, it is a symbol of America, of freedom, and of potential.

I got to see the lady in 1997. I did not want to see it the tourist way. I wanted to feel it.

I first saw it from across the water at night. In a way similar to the way my family would have seen it coming in to the harbor. After weeks of traveling on the water.
I tried to imagine what they would have felt, the smell of the air, and the freedom of land. They had made it.

Photo September 18, en:2006 by Nightscream

Would they have almost forgotten why the hell they did this in the first place? Then, to see her there in all her glory. Emotional... yes!

I wonder if after they got here, if it was truly worth the journey, the hardship, and the heartache?
My hat is off to you Giuseppe, this is big!


  1. I admire your enthusiasm.

    "how can I not fall in love with 60,000 pounds of repousse patina copper?"

    Yes but, can she cook?

  2. She is beautiful, but you are right; she probably can’t cook at all.
    Thanks for stopping be Clarity

  3. http://www.papermoonies.blogspot.comJune 23, 2009 at 7:37 PM

    I read all your posts and you are so talented deary!!
    I would love to feel that face
    I want to make some of those beads


  4. oh my heavens Marie...this is so great!!! I love it...the meaning and the way you made this piece...wow!!!

    you are wonderful!!


  5. Beautiful piece. I am a very patriotic chick, so I especially love this. I always thought if you were beautiful, you didn't have to cook!

  6. Thank you, I wouldn't know about the beautiful and not cooking Susan!!!

  7. What a wonderful tribute you are doing for our Lady Liberty! And doing it so beautifully, I might add. I've never seen her but would love to. Thank you.

  8. Thank you, Lynda. It moves me, it is one of the most beautiful pieces of art and I have only seen it in pictures and from far away.
    But I think what she is supposed to represent shakes me to my foundations. I feel like I need to keep it in mind in my life.

  9. This assemblage is incredible! Unique, and fun and beautiful!

  10. Marie, I would like to feature this work on my blog. I wanted to ask you first.

  11. Thank you Chris, you are so very kind and I would be honored!

  12. Hey doll, I just visited Lady Liberty a few days ago. She is magnificent as ever.

  13. Did you take pictures of her too Ces??
    I know I love the one in your header, are there more???


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