Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting small

This is walking to the stand of flowers.

I like to get small and with a camera that is very easy to do.
I love to focus on the small aspects of life, the textures, and the subtle colors.
I love to use the pictures as components of my digital collages.
I was driving down the road the other day and there is a place where the volunteer honeysuckle is prolific and it is like walking or driving into a perfume shop. It is probably 30 feet long and 10 feet high.

The window was down and I got a whiff.

There is a smudge on my lens, I love this picture.

I have lived here for years and no one planted these, but my grandmother had some on the side of her house ages ago.

Smudge still there.

We get tons of things that grow from seed, from birds that sit on the wires and defecate. LOL!!!From piles of dung grow beautiful things.
I went back to the same spot with my camera and started taking photos of the area.
Smell-o-vision would be wonderful now.
But if you have ever been in a place where there is a ton of this flower it will bring back the fondness and the feel.
In smaller amounts of these flowers, I don't remember the fragrance being this strong.

I figured it out, I can see clearly now the smudge is gone!!!

This is a very close to the road. Eucalyptus seeds.

This is a flower (weed) in the hump in the middle of the road. It is about a 1/4" in diameter.


  1. wonderful photos!!! thanks for sharing these....

  2. Gorgeous photos! I wish I could smell that honeysuckle. I used to grow them in our backyard, and my girls would pluck them and suck out the nectar. I'd find dozens of spent blooms on the ground. And I never knew what eucalyptus seeds looked like. Beautiful, smudge and all!

  3. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it's the smallest things in life that give us the greatest pleasures.

  4. I can smell it from here....ahhhhh so lovely! Thanks for bringing back memories for me as grannie had this in her backyard as well ...and 2 big lemon trees... as a child I would get almost dizzy with intoxicating smells....LOVED it!! I guess that was a 'Kid Rush'


  5. It's like a dance inside the flower! A posey party! And love the idea of smellovision!!!

  6. Thanks Diana, I am thinking of doing some more of the "getting small" thing. It is so much fun for me. I have one from the airport.
    And... I just got back from West Virginia. I was at the PCCMMRetreat and on the drive to it... the roads were lined with the honeysuckle flowers, and I thought we had a lot of it. It was so intoxicating and it went for miles. I was driving so I couldn't take pictures.
    What a beautiful place Shepherdstown, WV. is
    Beautiful campus, wonderful and talented people,and honeysuckle, it just doesn't get any better than that.

    Now it is you that bring a memory for me Bella, that is what we did when we were children. The flowers are sweet and very good and there is something magic about that.
    I even do it now sometimes.

    Lynda, it is indeed the smallest things that give the greatest pleasure. The rest I think is just smoke and mirrors.

    Now OK Jodi, lemons and honeysuckle??? The only thing I think that might be better than that would be Oranges and Honeysuckle. mmmmmmmmmmm!!

    I love the idea of smell-o-vision too Oopsie, especially right this very moment talking about oranges and honeysuckle.
    I am so tired, but I just might have to take a walk.


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