Thursday, June 18, 2009

A delightful award! An Award of Light

Jodi Creager from Creager Studios has bestowed upon me a most delightful award.
Thank you so much Jodi. I am thrilled with this award, and your kind, kind words. It has been a interesting couple of three weeks and I am feeling pummeled and spent.

It was my sign.

My blog inspires and illuminates, wow. I am all verklempt! Please... talk amongst yourselves for a moment.

English translation "this blog and the best alternative for light"

I could have picked so many more, but today
I am passing this to

Renee at
because she inspires and illuminates others and me everyday with her light, realness, love, and awareness.

Ces at
because she is light, inspiration, and muse to many including me with her frankness, love, and abundant talent.

Bella at
because she is a light, love, and inspiration in many people's eyes and mine, also a talented, brave, and accomplished woman and muse.

Susan at
because she is kind, talented, and searching for light in her life and is in turn a light and inspiration to me.

Purestgreen at or Where there are no chickadees
because she is kind, funny, illuminates, and inspires me everytime I visit her.


  1. Marie you are so loved by so many. You are a light to me too. A light I can look to and know that no matter what you will understand me.

    I love the award.

    Thank you dear Marie.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  2. Aaack! How could you give me an award?! I have been slacking in my blog officiousness. I have neglected my blog friends. Oh darn all these events in blogworld. I need to start drinking...

  3. No one could be more deserving of the 'Light Award' than you. Light surrounds you and you share it with all who know you, and we love you.

  4. Drinking?? LOL!!
    You are not neglecting anything. We can be there for you sometimes and it is ok!
    To many events eh?
    I gave you the award because you are my light, my muse, and dear Sweet Ces.
    You do not have to do anything about it.

  5. Awwwwwww Lynda thank you so much.
    What a truly wonderful thing to say.
    I love you too!

  6. Aw Marie, you are so sweet if I take any more of you I will be diabetic. Hahaha! Thank you Marie. Thank you for making me smile and reminding me that life is beautidul and we are alive.

  7. Duh! I meant to type "beautiful"

    You are making me crack up!

  8. You are delightful. Truly delightful. Thank you for thinking of me. Let us all throw light rays on each other.

    The comment moderation thing is asking me to type "boost." Correct - you have indeed given me a boost. Thanks:)

  9. I am so glad my Dearest Green!!!
    My pleasure.


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