Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another coming together and creating- Bobbi Ann Cook

I love it so much when I give some one something and they take it , do all the work, and make it so much better than it was before.

My dear friend Bobbi Ann Cook is a sweetie I met on bead-space.

Here is her Bead-Space profile. She is selling beautiful amulet bags there for almost nothing. Check it out http://bead-space.com/bobbianncook

She is a giving and caring woman and a jewel in my life, and I thought this is before she did this!

She took this little bead and turned it in to a beautiful focal piece on a work of love and art.

The bead color is achieved by putting a thin layer of Baja blue Pinata ink over Pearl White Cernit. Then it is stamped with a rubber stamp and Gold Pearl-ex ink. I add the cap embellishments in Champagne Cernit, Bake and antique with Ne-Opaque brown.

Howard carries all of those products: http://www.clayfactory.net/

It frames the bead nicely and is fashioned after medicine and amulet pouches, which I absolutely adore.

Ancient peoples used to put their little treasures and magic pieces in them and carry them around their necks and close to their hearts. We could all use a little good JU-JU, eh?

She also made this beautiful hanging crystal for Madi when she was born!!

Bobbi is carrying on a tradition in her family and honoring her mother in her beadworks.

Do yourself a favor and go visit her and her gallery of work on Bead-space.


Bobbi also has a blog now!! Congrats Bobbi, welcome to blogland!



  1. Such beautiful work! I'm on my way to her site now. Thanks for showing it.

  2. Marie, Wow, thank you so much for your wonderful article! I'm very honored...thank you so much for all your kind words.
    "Hail to our Queen." lol
    You're a wonderful person that I'm very happy to call a friend, thank you Marie from the bottom of my heart! It was actually my pleasure to be able to make something with a piece that you've made! What a Focal bead it is, I just love it! Giant hugs to you Marie and give the baby a hug for me to!

  3. I assume you passed Maddie's test since you are still blogging and artistic as ever!

  4. What are you doing awake at this time of the night?

  5. I am working the night shift of our project implementation. Argh! I and another analyst are the only ones in the entire 8th floor! It is very quiet right now. Knock on wood**

  6. Marie I am totally going to look at the amulet bags.



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