Wednesday, April 6, 2011

African Trade Beads- Part 9b the third giveaway

There are 8 parts to the African trade bead how to's, you can see all of the links below. I have more but I am going to take a little break right now.

These are large earrings, but whisper light. 3 13/16" long, 1 1/2" wide, and 2.5mm thick.
Hand formed wires and jump rings of copper.

So this is part 9b- the 3rd giveaway...

You can find the first and second giveaway here,

Here is the 1st give away,

Here is the 2nd giveaway,

1. It is open to anyone blogger or not.
2. Leave a comment on this post if you would like a chance at these earrrings.
3. This giveaway will close on the 17th at 6pm.
4. I will ship world wide.
5. Please tell your friends.
6. You can enter if you have entered the other giveaways listed above.

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  1. Hey Marie you have just taken off with these beautiful earrings. They are wonderful.

  2. I would be honored to win and wear these beautiful earrings.



    Where is Sister Marie?

    Where is my lovely Madi?

    Please forgive me for not visiting. Marie, you put me to shame. Where do you get all this energy? You know, I am vacuuming and doing laundry and I happened to go to the kitchen to drink water and my laptop is here so thank goodness. I have been meaning to visit you. What is with this Spring? It is zapping my energy.

    Hellooooooo Love!

    Tsup! Tsup!

    Okay, back to laundry...

  4. Good Morning Marie!

    I am glad that you are taking a break, you of all the people I know deserve to do so. I love your beads, but I am going to have to wait to try to do them until I get more strength back in my hand. A great way to exercise my hand to condition clay. LOL Many blessings to you my friend.


  5. Yes, I want to participate. Those earrings are awesome.

  6. I love the colors! thanks for the chance!

    laetriciajaniel (@) gmail (dot) com

  7. Great summer earrings! Count me in.