Monday, April 18, 2011

African Trade beads-part 10 a

The Heart Cane. This is another one of my favorite canes, I love the colors, I love hearts and I love that stripey stuff.

You will need:

Yellow Cernit-2.2 ounce block

Poppy Red Cernit- 2.2 ounce block
Black Cernit- 2.2 ounce block

Opaque White Cernit-2.2 ounce block

Porcelain White Cernit- Big Block 
Makin's Clay Machine
Clay Blade-SB

All of the links above lead to my hubby Howard's online store Thank you so much for looking and buying.
You are helping us live our dreams. Blessings all over you.

I mix all of the colors above with an equal amount of the porcelain white Cernit.

Condition and roll out a coil of black that is about 6" long by 1/2" in diameter.

Hold one end of the coil with your finger.

Pretend my finger is still there on the left side and press on one side of the coil with your thumb to get a teardrop coil. I need one hand to shoot pics with. ;-D


Cut teardrop coil in half.

Place the 2 halves together.

Pretend I am holding this in my hand gently cradling it.
Need other hand to take photo.
Pinch the two points together to make one point.
If you do this on your work surface you will flatten the top lobes of the heart.

Roll out a sheet of yellow conditioned clay on the thickest setting in the pasta machine and trim the bottom edge for a straight edge.
Make sheet of clay at least 6" long.

Tuck in the leading edge as tight as you can to start coil and roll up sheet.

Trim off ragged edge and roll up into a coil.

Roll out coil to about 6".
It is about 5/8" in diameter.

Cut 3" long.

Cut half of the coil in half. I push my thumb and forefinger down and apart on the end of the coil and slice through. If I press the coil on each side of the end together, I will trap the blade there and it is hard to cut.

Continued in part B...
Happy Monday everyone!!!
Have a wonderful week and remember to look for the beauty in each moment, breathe in the glory of the day and breathe out the beauty of your heart!


  1. oh no! a cliffhanger! the suspense is killing me!!!!! eagerly awaiting part b. :)

  2. Happy Monday to you Marie - looking forward to part 2 too!!

  3. Pronto la 2ª parte, please. Besos

  4. I know you are probably tired of me saying this.... however.... you are awesome!!!!

  5. Ho Ho Ho Lisa, thank you so much for making me guffaw!!
    I was doing the tutorials on one page but sometimes blogger throws a fit and it is just not worth it!!
    This one has 30+ pictures in it!

  6. Happy Monday to you Mrs. Woodwife!!
    I will have it up here tomorrow!

  7. Nicole, I think I will never get tired of someone telling me that I am awesome.
    I just don't hear that enough at home, they are used to me!! LOL!!
    You are awesome too!
    Everyone loves to hear that!!


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