Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heart of America- Broken Heart- the story

I have a friend that has dreams. She dreams about designs, for me!
I love this.
She "saw" this sacred heart I did.
This one...

This is one of my favorite pieces.
My friend will send me a message and maybe a small description, but what comes across to me though is a feeling and a light in my mind's eye of the beginning of a design starting to come to life. You can read the story of the sacred heart and see the prototype of this necklace here

Well... my friend is very tuned in and she had another dream quite a while ago, only a month or two after the sacred heart dream I think.
She wrote me a note with a small description and quick doodle to go along with it.  
I loved it and I said I would get right on it.
Sometimes, though, my brain doesn't cooperate with my plans and I have learned over time that somethings can not be rushed, ever. If I do rush it will only be a part or a piece of the full manifestation of what could be something truly wonderful if left to incubate for a while and cook!
I didn't say anything to my friend and kept up with everything else that was going on and pretty much let go of making the dream a reality right away.
Last week though, that dream was resurrected with a flash of a picture and the idea in my mind flashing in neon and would not give up until I went and made it.
This is the result of this collaboration my friend and I have.
Heart of America- Broken heart

Heart of America- Broken Heart
Listed in my Etsy Store now.
 I am in love with this piece also and adore that I had been gifted a gift of insight in the process.
Thank you, Donna, from the bottom of my heart.
Maybe someday I will be able to reciprocate with dreams of pieces for you. One can only hope!
I believe these are special pieces, there is just something about them that speaks. Maybe it is the gift of collaboration, listening to another speak their dreams and being able to bring them to reality.

I love this! How could it get any better? I am so grateful.


  1. Lovely, Marie. Different style for you but I can imagine this as the beginning of a new series. Great collaboration with your friend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a beautiful adaptation of the sacred heart design Marie! It just works *perfect*!!!
    Sorry I've been vacant~~life has kicked into overdrive and it's a good day when I get a blogpost up.
    I know you understand! ;-)
    Happy Easter my friend!!!


  3. Marie, Marie, what a wonderful post about our 'link' through our friendship and my dreams. I am so glad I have the nerve to tell people my dreams and that you have the artistic insight to make them come to life. My own work is from my dreams as well. May we all dream big and never be afraid to tell someone of a dream because as in this case look what magick can happen!! Marie, my dreams are your dreams.

  4. PS. Marie you already reciprocate by bringing my dreams to life. How much better could it get is right. I am so grateful to have found you!!! My clay lady!!

  5. Oh my word - that is just... well... beautiful doesn't seem to convey it!

    The colour is amazing - just love it Marie.

  6. this is lovely! it speaks to me on many levels, one, as i have cherokee in my heritage. donna is indeed an amazing dreamer! she is adept at interpreting dreams as well. very cool how the two of you work together!

  7. that is really amazing! the native carries such a look of wisdom, sadness and even longing to me. just stunning.

  8. Wow, his face says so much. This is an amazing piece Marie! I love the story behind it's creation too. What a wonderful collaboration with your friend. Thank you for sharing!

  9. dear marie, i can FEEL your pride and joy in this piece and i can SEE your pride and you and skill in this piece. (and reverence). it is my favorite of all you've done. i know i don't need to tell you it is timeless because i'm pretty sure you already know.

    your friend donna is a gem. i am happy you have a friend like this. in some way she has helped you fly.

    love you marie,

  10. What an amazing story, Marie! And what an extraordinary piece! You did an amazing job. These are indeed special pieces. What a wonderful collaboration between you and your friend. :) Theresa

  11. Marie and Donna, the Chief spoke to me, so I bought the Broken Heart. Thanks for this special piece and it'll have a good home over here.

  12. I think I'll add this piece to my arrow back quiver I'm making atm. The Chief would add a special touch.

  13. Beautiful work, Marie. Donna sent me here and I am so glad she did! I love the collaboration of her dream and your vision! Your etsy shop is bursting with lovliness!

  14. What a beautiful story, and I see this amazing piece has found its home!

  15. Thanks Jan! I really love this one too. The colors, the theme, everything about it.
    I really didn' think it would come out this well when I was making it.
    I love surprises.

  16. I totally understand Anne.
    Happy Easter to you!
    I love this heart too!

  17. Magick indeed D! I am so glad you tell me your dreams! Lucky me!
    I have made amazing pieces with your dreams and I sold the other sacred heart too. Yay!!
    I love your brilliant artistic insight dear one and I love the link we have.
    Your artistic insight makes the dreams so easy to understand.
    Thank you for lighting my life with your visions.

  18. Thanks Carmen,
    That is that Cernit turquoise, it is so very clean and amazingly clear! I just love it!
    Thank you for coming over, I hope all is well with you.

  19. Thanks aurorafedora, I have a small amount of Cherokee in me! Mom's side of the family.
    This piece, as I was putting on the finishing touches seemed to come alive in my hands. I sure hope that Koko feels that way.
    It spoke to me.
    I feel so blessed to be a dream receiver from Donna, what a gift.

  20. Thanks Lisa, long life must have molded his face!

  21. Oh it is all my pleasure to share this Trina. It is an amzing relationship that we have.
    I treasure it!

  22. Thanks kj! I am very lucky, I have so many friends that help me fly, you too!!

  23. Thanks Theresa.

    It is a fun and interesting story. we both love it anyway! ;-D

  24. Thank you Koko, I sure hope the chief brings you as much joy and wisdom and he does Donna and I!
    I would love the see quiver when you are done with it!

  25. Thank you so much,priti.lisa! I am so honored to have you visit here.

  26. Hi Debbie! It makes me so happy and I feel so grateful to actually be a part of such a wonderful story. It is truly a miracle!

  27. beautiful work !!!!! Blessings, Dawn

  28. When I saw this beautiful work, I had a flash back to the old commerical with the American Indian who was observing all the trashing of the environment and when he turned to the camera, a tear fell from his eye. It was such a moving commerical. And your piece is just as moving.


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