Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winner of the buttons from the African Trade bead giveaway!

Norma's Clay
Is the winner of the buttons from giveaway 9c the fourth giveaway Thank you for the great advice about my Grand daughter. Yes, I knew it was a stage and we found out she is cutting her 2 year old molars, all at the same time, I would be crabby too. I was going through a stage too! LOL!
Thank you Norma!
CONGRATULATIONS!! Sorry didn't mean to yell, I just get so excited. ;-D

I hope you all are having a wonderful, magical, and prosperous week. Are you remembering to breathe?
The week is almost over and the weekend is almost here.

Are you having good weather, have you been to the lake or beach yet? Are the birds in your neighborhood singing up a storm? Ours are crazy, the crows are hap hap happy! I got in the middle of a hummingbird territorial dispute this week and I was standing on the ground. They were so busy protecting their space they didn't realise I was standing there I guess. Sounded like dive bombers around my head and they were moving so fast I didn't know what was going on.

I am awaiting the arrival of the swallows. Messy but happy, darlings of the sky.

The gophers and squirrels and I have resumed our yearly fight over my garden if that is what I could call it. I plant things and they eat them, sometimes even before they sprout. I am just planting for the local rodents, I guess. It is very frustrating, but I do get a little exercise.

I am glad to be out there with them finally though. They have built runways into the garden from underground so they can make a fast getaway. I plug the holes with huge rocks and they hide the holes behind things. I only notice when there is huge mounds of dirt displaced.
Madi and I are growing a-matoes. She can not say the "t" yet. The girl loves them and will eat a whole one by herself. I can hardly wait to show her fresh ones right off the bush. I planted them in a bucket the first time and came back out 1/2 hour later and the seeds were gone, so I covered it with metal screen and you can see where they walked all over the top and tried to lift up the sides, LOL!!
They haven't got in so far. Today is a new day though, I haven't checked yet. We have small seedlings and Madi and I check them everyday. Tomatoes do really well here and the last time I grew them I had tons.
I might even attempt to can them this year, there is absolutely nothing like a home grown tomato, I probably shouldn't count my tomatoes before they bloom though.
Have a great rest of the week you all and surprise someone with your smile and your light every chance you get.
You just never know how you could brighten some one's day.
Show them your stuff, baby!


  1. Thank you! Yay!
    Your blog is fun to read. These tutorial series were awesome.

  2. Congrats to the winner. Loved what you wrote at the end there Marie!!!

  3. You are so welcome my dear!!
    Thank you so much Norma!!

  4. Thanks Woodwife.
    Shine on my friend!!

  5. Hi Marie, I was here earlier today reading your blog. I love what you share and how you share. Congratulations to your winner.

  6. Congrats to your lucky winner, Marie! Our weather has turned around a bit. Although it's been really cloudy and rainy this week, all the daffodils and now the tulips are out. Lots of buds on the trees, too. Spring has arrived!!! Theresa

  7. Aren't you so glad Theresa? I thought your winter was never going to end.
    About time you guys got a break and then with Daffs, how could it get any better than that?


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