Friday, April 22, 2011

African Trade beads-part 10c

This is continued from the second part from there you can find the first part.

 This is the last picture from the second part.

Condition and roll out the black clay on the thickest setting in the clay machine.
Make the sheet as wide as is the can above is long.
Trim the sheet to that width. Your cane should be about 3" long but it might be a little longer from working with it.

It should be about 5" long.
Make a white sheet of the same size and stack these two together.

Cut the black and white sheet 1/8" slide the blade forward to attach the slice to it.
Place the slice and the blade over the sheet using the last cut on your blade to measure the next cut. Cut the next cut and slide the blade towards you to attach the next cut. Place the slice and the blade over the sheet using the last cut on your blade to measure the next cut.

I just love it when this happens.
Lots of stacked cuts.

Wrap what you have cut around the cane and then cut some more.

Here it is wrapped all the way around the center heart cane.

I place the cane in my hand between the thumb and forefinger  and grip it to make it smaller (a little at a time mind you) and squeeze, rotate the cane a little and squeeze again, rotate a little and squeeze, rotate and little and squeeze. I move towards one of the ends and start again, rotate a little and squeeze same as before while I continue moving up to the end of the cane.
I reduce the cane to half the diameter before I start to roll it on the work surface.

Working my way up to the end a little at a time.
I then turn the cane over and start in the middle and proceed the same as before to the other end of the cane.

I start in the middle of the cane and roll from the tip of my fingers all the way to the end of my palm, short rolls will roll in dips in the cane. I do this while moving my hands gently out to the ends of the cane.

After my hands reach the outside I start with them together in the middle again and roll out again while roll from the base of  palm to the tip of my fingers.
Roll down to 3/4" or you can leave it larger if you wish.

I cut the cane in half by rolling the cane forward and moving the blade forward at the same time. I call this a rolling cut and works well with clay that is warm from working with it.
There you go you have it all now!
Go make something.
Have a great friday and a lovely weekend, no matter what you celebrate.
Part 11


  1. that's awesome! i'm going to have to try this one!!!

  2. Hi Marie, I am having a big garage sale this summer. Haa haa if we ever get a day with out rain. Anyway I put all of my clay and pasta machine and other poly supplies in garage. With these tuts I just may have to bring it all back in. LOL

  3. I heart these!!! I also heart you Native American heart!!


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