Monday, September 20, 2010

Playing with my food again-episode 3

I am continuing this saga with the fondant cane. I just had to try it.
You can see episode 2 of playing with my food here
You can see how the clay checkerboard is done here

I extruded the white fondant first.
The red fondant that Pila makes at her pantry is super saturated red and so much easier to buy than to make.
And since it was so inexpensive we bought the hardest colors to make.
Making them ourselves from the white would have taken the whole weekend, we had food we had to play with.

The fondant checkerboard cane

Extrude the white with the square disk.

Comes out like this. One thing I learned is, fondant is heavy and pliable, and the fondant you have extruded will pull from the disk and thin the fondant coming out of the extruder.
So move the extrduder over a table or cutting board as you extrude.
Look at that red, just a yummy, intense red. Well done Pila!!

Now using the same square disk, extrude the red.
If you load up the barrel of the extruder you will get close to the same amount.
Another thing I learned, is to cut both extruded pieces in half, they will be much easier to work with.

Another thing I learned, is to brush on a very tiny bit of water to get the two square logs to adhere to each other.

I said, very tiny bit of water. If you read episode 2, you will remember I learned that water breaks down fondant.

Now I had to put a very tiny amount of water on the one half to get it to stick to the other here.
I put these together so they go red, white, red, white.
This is called a pattern ;-D too much Sesame Street, sorry!!

After I put them together, I add a tiny bit of water. Did I mention it was tiny?
Water will break down fondant.

I cut the whole length in half. No, No, No do not bring out that ruler, go ahead live dangerously, you can do it!
Whatever is left over can be mixed in to a nice pink fondant, right?
Or maybe more of a salmon.

Turn one of the halves over (you can also rotate horizontally 80 degrees) so the pattern is the opposite of the other and place one half on top of the other.

Does it look like this?

If it does...

you did good.

Now cut the stacked ones in half.

Rotate or turn one half over again and stack. you may have to add a very tiny bit of water to one half.

Once the two halves are stacked together press very gently together and then rotate one-quarter turn and press that side together gently. Keep turning and rotating one-quarter turn until it is compacted together.
This was hard to cut with the blade I had. I forgot to bring a clay slicing blade.

Stay tuned for the episode where I do something with this. LOL!! I didn't say the next episode either.
Another thing I learned is "You can cane fondant", what a blast. I learned a lot, didn't I?
What is next?
Cookie dough??? LOL!!


  1. I love it that you have so much fun dearie! You should open your own pie-shop! I looove marzipan (or how you call it in english) Fondant isnt the same huh? The bakerys here are stuffed with marzipan creations of animals like pink pigs,fruits like bananas,strawberries,carrots,apples... at eastertime and christmas :-)
    Its a pleasure for the eyes and the mouth! hahaha!

  2. Wow Marie....I would LOVE to see what you could do with fondant and cupcake/cake decorations! YOU are so talented!!

  3. So many steps and done so perfectly!
    Looks fantastic!!!
    Real eye candy!

  4. how many 'students' have you inspired, marie?

    besides the one typing out these words right now.

    hundreds? thousands?

    you make learning fun.

    you are a TEACHER.


  5. That is so NEAT! And you know what I also love? I love that you are learning this, and we are learning right along with you. Pretty soon, you will be on one of those cake decorating shows on the food channel. Heck, you may just have your own show!

  6. Looks like you had a blast! It's wonderful that you had fun while learning to do this. Do I see sacred heart cakes in the future for Valentine's day? Or maybe candies? Wishing you an awesome week!


  7. Fabulous! You are having such a great time doing this. I'm smiling just reading it. Theresa

  8. Muchas gracias, lo que explicas muy bien, ha sido un tutorial genial.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension


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