Friday, September 24, 2010

Susan Holloway- A rose by any other name...

I got this from my friend Susan this week. It is a corsage and it is large, it weighs almost nothing, it is made from Cloud Clay from Amaco.

First thing I did was put it up to my nose, I know, must have been reflexes.

It is papery and thin, but very durable.

This clay is made for children.

What beautiful detail.

It is 4" in diameter and it weights less than a 1/2 of an ounce!!
Thank you Susan, I love it!!!
Well done you!

...and she sent Madi a handmade Llama, she loves it.
Susan likes Llamas she has an Etsy store Sonnallama


  1. Sweet! I thought it was fabric at first.

  2. I thought it was amazing Lynn. You can bend the petals and they bounce right back to shape. They feel almost papery in texture.
    The weight though, is what surprised me the most. For the size, it feels like a feather.

  3. Beeeeeeeutiful!!! Very interesting about the light weight clay. I have been looking for something to make faux cupcakes with...even tried canned foam. I may actually have to try this clay next. Thank you, Marie! **Happy Friday** Deb

  4. You could even make them around styrofoam which would make them even lighter.
    Oh how cute they would be Deb!

  5. amazing! never heard of this clay before. it bounches back? hahaha!
    Have a great weekend Marie!

  6. Wow! I love it! I have never heard of cloud clay. Beautiful. How did it smell?;-)

  7. That clay is made for children? Whoa, that's some child's play! I almost put my nose up to my screen!

  8. i like the flexibility of the petals. i've just gone back for another look so i could imagine moving the petals around to change the rose.

    have you read 'the little prince' marie? this might be his beloved rose.

    you have the best friends.

    i happily admit that i am proud to be among them.

    happy weekend, marie.


  9. Oooooh! Another craft supply I have to buy! lol! It's a gorgeous flower, you lucky duck! :) Happy weekend, Marie! xox Pam

  10. Enhorabuena no me extraña que intentases olerla, es una preciosa flor.
    besitos ascension

  11. Marie, the corsage is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift. Susan is quite talented! Theresa

  12. Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing on your blog.


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