Thursday, September 2, 2010

Extruder Beads- Spiral metallic Tubes

Spiral metallic Tubes
I love this one. These beads look so good and they are so easy.

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Makin's Clay Core Extruder Adapter-M35098 1mm,2mm, and 3mm size (these will put holes in the tube as you extrude to make beads)
Black Cernit-900-100
Pearl-ex Pigments- I used reflex violet-644-3, aztec gold-658 -3, spring green-685-3, sky blue-647-3
Paper plate
make- up applicator(I use my finger)

Use the square disk that comes with the extruder set. It is also the same disk that we used with the checkerboard cane.

1. Condition the black clay until it is smooth and warm.

2. Roll a coil that is just slightly smaller than the barrel of the extruder.
Load up the barrel.

3. Put the square disk in to the end where the disks go, then add the 1mm or smallest core adaptor, the little peg will go through the square disk and will stick out of the disk when you screw the disk cap on the end of extruder barrel.

Put the cap with the adaptor and the disk on the end of the extruder barrel.

Turn the handle down and extrude the clay. This will be just a but harder with the core adaptor.
Go slowly and consistently.

4. Using the clay blade cut the clay off around the little peg of the adaptor. Cut near the barrel end and turn the barrel as you hold the blade against the peg. Do not press against the peg hard.
Look at this amazing adapter the hole is in the tube YAY!!!
This makes it so easy.
Cut the square bead tube in half.

5. Lay one half of the square tube on your paper plate. Add a tiny bit of Pearl-ex to the plate and rub your finger tip in it to spread out the clumps and cover the end of your finger tip.
Rub on to one side of the outside of the square tube. Rub a little at a time until the one side is covered and then do the other half. Do not put on too heavy of coat of pearl-ex and make sure you gently rub in to the clay when you apply it. By rubbing the powder into the clay you lodge the little particles of powder into the clay, it makes it less likely to rub off.

6. Now do the next color of pearl-ex on both square tube halves. Do not put a lot of powder out on the plate and try to keep it all in one area so you have room to cover all four sides on one plate. Remember to rub your finger on the plate in the powder so you do not have big chunks dropping on the square tube. Oh and do not have a fan blowing on the plate while doing this either. LOL!! Oh and try not to sneeze in the plate. If you get a very small spoon it is nice for putting a small amount of powder on the plate.

7. Do the next side of the tube and the next color of powder.

8. And finally the next color of powder. Sometimes I only use two colors of powder to cover the square tubes. Like gold and the copper. I cover two opposite sides of the square tube with one color (North and south) and then the other opposite sides (East and West) with the other color.

9. Once the tube is covered we are going to twist the tube. Hold one end of the tube with your left hand and roll the other end forward with your right hand, it will twist the square tube. Do not press hard just roll. Remember there is a hole inside the tube. You can also make the twist tight and more twisted or loose and less twisted.

10. Once the tube is twisted, bake on a piece of cardboard in a 275 degree F. pre-heated oven for 30 minutes shut off the oven and let cool a little. Pull out of the oven and while the beads are still warm cut sections with your clay slicing blade. This is easier when the are warm than when completely cool.
If you let the cool completely, heat the oven again and warm up the bead for bit and then cut them when warm. This is also perfect for making the beads ahead of time, storing beads in the long tubes and then cutting them in the sizes you need them for the project you are working on at the time when you work on the project.


  1. WOW! Those are beautiful beads!!! You make it seem so easy but somehow I am certain mine would not end up looking like yours! Do you ever sleep?
    **blows kisses** Deb

  2. These are beautiful! I am so tempted to get a makin's extruder but I do like using a caulking gun with my amaco one!!

  3. Simply elegant Marie! Sometime we get so wrapped up in challenging techniques. But it never fails that the simplest techniques can have such a dynamic effect.

  4. These are SO COOL! Dang Marie.....ya RAWK GIRL!!!!
    Love the colors.....♥


  5. Thanks Deb. But it is easy and you could do it.
    I did not say though that they would be perfect the first time, the second time though, yes!
    Everything takes a little bit of practice to do a good job.
    The first time is just learning the technique.
    You could do this.

  6. That is exactly what I said Jo. This is so much easier though. I extruded probably a 100 miles of cords for the jackets with a calking gun and old clay gun and I love the makin's extruder. LOL!! LOVE IT!!
    But if you do not use an extruder that much those old contraptions are just fine.
    I would buy an makin's extruder every couple of weeks if I had to.

  7. Marie,

    Those are the most beautiful beads!

  8. That is true Mags, the more you play with clay, the more the challenges are needed, right?
    It is good to play with the easier techniques though.
    The KISS(Keep it simple silly) rule applies here.
    It is good for people just starting to know that it is not all challenge.

  9. Beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial. -Marlene

  10. Thanks Mousefingers.
    You could even do them in all pinks and purples.;-D
    I think with the reflex violet duo blue-red,interference violet,misty lavender, or gray lavender you would have enough colors of purple. LOL!! OHHHHHHHHHH I am going to have to try that.

  11. It is all my pleasure Marlene! Have fun!

  12. Anne thanks! It is the pearl-ex though that "rawks".
    That stuff is so fun and has so many applications, so many.
    You could even mix it in clear fingernail polish and make so awesome colors.
    But the paint applications themselves are unbelievable.
    You can mix pearl-ex in car paint and wall glazes, oh my.
    One of my customers even put it in cement glazes on floors. The whole world could be shiny.

  13. Awesome, Marie! Thanks for the tutorial...I am going to give a try right now!

  14. I would love to see them when you get them done Guadalupe!! Let me know.

  15. Thanks for another great tutorial, Marie! These are awesome beads!

  16. All my pleasure Debbie. Thank you so so much!

  17. Very very beautiful indeed! Lovely necklace from them.

  18. That looks like so much fun!! I would love to come and play in your studio.

  19. Thank you Lynn,stay tuned for the heart part!

  20. You DO make this look SO very easy, Marie! LOL I love the sheen and color of these beads. So beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial! Theresa

  21. The beads are gorgeous! I love how you make it all look so simple and easy to do. Your results are fabulous! Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


  22. Even though I'm taking a break from polymer clay, I really love this tutorial. This is IMO the best extruder on the market. I haven't tried the core attachment yet, but how awesome it must be. Not having to put a hole in each individual bead is great. For anyone who hasn't worked with an extruder, they must try this one, it is so much fun and is as easy as pie. Great post.

  23. What a brilliant tool. Those beads are awesome. I bet they catch the light great too.

  24. I am very impressed with the simplicity and beauty of these beads. Thanks again for your generous sharing of your expertise and knowledge. That necklace you show is very lovely too, I love those colors.

  25. What an excellent tutorial, like others have said - you do make it look very easy. That tool and the Pearl Ex are amazing. Sitting on my hands now - I must NOT start down another crafty path!

    Not yet anyway ;)

    The necklace you made at the end is gorgeous.

  26. Someone just shared this on a FaceBook page, and I'm amazed. Your creativity is outstanding, and these are beyond beautiful.


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