Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From plain to fabulous

I have these cardboard paper mache boxes. I love them, they are inexpensive, they are hearts, and I love brown paper covered things for some reason.
I have had these for a long time, I was going to do something with them but never did.

I used the top as a template on the black Cernit clay rolled out on the first thickest setting.
Cut out the heart that I traced.
I used the Crafter's Pick Glue for the top and spread some on it. A thin even layer over the whole top is all you need. Do not get it on the sides of the lid.
I then took the cut out black clay heart and placed it on the top of the paper mache lid and made sure it was lined up and gently from one side to the other pushed the clay to the box.
I stamped the heart with a stamp I got from Rubber Stamp Plantation, Lotus Corner.

I decorated the lid with a word mold "Believe" I made with large alphabet noodles, and some other molds I have made.
Then I took some Pearl-ex pigments and brushed them on the clay.
I used the Reflex Violet around the outside so that it would match the 569 violet Lumiere I was going to paint the box with.
You can see how to apply the Pearl-ex in this post
I used the same colors of Pearl-ex too!
I baked the box lid with clay in my home pre-heated oven to 275 degrees for 30 minutes. I then shut off the oven and let it cool in there until I could touch it with out pain. ;-D

When the lid was completely cool, I painted the box inside and out with Violet Lumiere and let it dry completely.

I wish I could transform myself this easily.

Collette Baron-Reid calls these "God boxes"
put your troubles in there and give it up to God.

I wonder if they make bigger(huge) heart boxes???


  1. It is gorgeous Marie! You amaze me with all that you create! Wishing you a productive week!


  2. What an eye for color you have! This is so cool!

  3. what you need to do, Marie, is make your troubles small enough to fit in the box. That's what I do with my G*d box, I write my troubles on small scraps of lovely paper and fold them into my box for G*d to handle. Handle he always does...

  4. Very nice Marie! God boxes sounds great,but i don't like to put negativity in such a sweet box :-) You could also use them for positive thoughts and put little pieces of paper in it with your wishes and call them WishBoxes ;-)

  5. It really is stunning. I've never heard of God boxes before - I like the idea.

    I would have been scared to put the lid in the oven - afraid of burning the house down but it came out beautifully!

  6. Oh what a wonderful idea of a God Box!!! That way, you can close the lid and hopefully not take the worries back, which is what I always end up doing! Your work is so beautiful, as always, Marie. **blows kisses** Deb

  7. Thanks Dede! I love making stuff. It is so nice to share it too. My family is like "Oh that's nice". Everytime. LOL!! 31 years is a long time to have them get excited everytime.

  8. Thank you Kristen. It is almost hard to make a mistake with the Pearl-ex pigments. They all go very well together.

  9. Great Idea Donna. Wish boxes is good too!!

  10. Oh Marie that was awesome..I have some pearl x and didnt know really how to use it LOL..now I do...You rock lady xoxox

  11. Carmen that is one of the great advantages of polymer clay, there are quite a few things you can put in the oven with it.
    Paper does not even combust until 451 degrees F. so you have quite a lot of lee way before setting the house on fire ;-D

  12. I take them back too Deb. Hopefully shutting the lid will help.
    We shall see, LOL!!

    Thank you so so much Deb!!

  13. Do you have an HOUR Sonia?? That is not all you can do with pearl-ex.
    Mix in wall glaze for a sparkly look to walls.
    Mix with fingernail polish for fancy nails.
    Mix with white glue for fun flue colors.
    Mix with varnish for great glazes for furniture.
    Mix with encuastic for fun applications.
    Mix with soap for bars that clean and glitter.
    Mix with wax for sheen in your candles.
    Mix with acrylics for sparkle paints.
    Mix with liquid clay for pearly glazing
    Mix with oil paint to make your own pearl oils...

  14. Wow Marie!!!! what you can do with a cardboard box is awesome... I don't know who could top that!

    It's just stunning~
    Thanks as always that you share your techniques~

    Much love this Tuesday~

  15. LOL!! Thanks Pattee!!

    and... you are so welcome.;-D

  16. Marie, you are so talented in so many directions and so generous to share your creativity. I love this box as I have loved all your previous tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

  17. So are you Jan!! OMG! The Broken Hearts hanging is amazing!!
    Your stitches are so perfect!!
    Thank you so much!!
    I adore it!

  18. It's SO pretty! What a wonderful keepsake you've created. The colors are so bold and rich and the design is so great! Theresa

  19. Oh Marie. This is so lovely. Fantastic work - and thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!!! And yes I found larger heart shaped boxes - they do exist. I show one in my blog that is decoupaged: http://flowermouse.blogspot.com/2010/07/cats-in-golden-box.html
    Big hugs and love from Norway

  20. LOving it lol. Why wonder if larger heart boxes are sold make your own?

  21. A new perspective is a perfect idea Sandi!

  22. Beautiful Lone, I remember when you did that. What a great job.
    I like the little feet too!!

  23. Easy for you to say Jonty!!! LOL!
    You are the master of paper and cardboard!!

  24. That is so, so, so pretty, Marie!! I cannot believe how you transformed that plain little box into a work of (he)art! Amazing!!! You have such a gift, dear sisterfriend!! Love, Silke

  25. A box you can put all your troubles in to let God take care of them-and purple too? Perfect!

  26. Holy COW, that is heavenly! Exquisite! Wowowowowza! Gosh, Marie. If I cover myself with brown paper, will you transform me, too? Please?

  27. Has hecho un trabajo fantastico!!!!
    Me encanta el color y el diseño que has puesto, te ha quedado francamanete preciosa, enhorabuena
    besitos ascension

  28. Love the ideas and your boxes are very pretty! I love your ideas for Pearl Ex as well, I too use it for a lot of my creations. My favorite is to mix it with a high gloss embossing powder which I use on my paper pandora beads and the result is amazing. I just started working with polymer clay and love it. Do you ever cover the whole box? Thanks for sharing your talent!

    1. Rj I don't cover the whole thing anymore. I like just the tops cover but that is me. if you do cover the whole box, make room for the lid on the bottom piece, just a hint! I do like to add embellishment to the bottom of the box though.
      Your beads sound absolutely amazing! What a great use of pearl-ex. that stuff is amazing!
      You are so welcome 😄


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