Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday wonder- Coloring outside the lines

Photo from Ifitshipitshere
non traditional medium


Hand Cast Encaustic Crayons (wow, wow, wow, impresses me even more)
Do yourself a favor, grab some coffee or your favorite beverage and sit a spell with Christian and his wonderful and creative mind.
"Through a novel technique that I have developed, I again find myself working with the familiar form of the crayon." - C.F.
Oh, you certainly have Christian. Talk about coloring outside the lines.
This takes it to a whole... nother... lev-el!

Photo from Ifitshipitshere

A wonderful site with an interview from Christian Faur


  1. Gosh Marie. Thank you for letting me know about this. Wonder if he sells some of this patience - I would love to buy some... LOL!! Hugs and love dearest!!!

  2. Marie all I can say is uuhhh... uuhhh... I am speachless. I just spent time at CF blog. He is beyond amazing. A ture artitst, clean and original.
    Also I have posted about you.


  3. Wow!!! Pretty awesome stuff. :) Thanks for sharing! Theresa

  4. Thank you for sharing this amazing work. My jaw dropped open when I realized how the crayons were used!

  5. I need some of Christian's patience too, Lone!
    Oh wouldn't it be nice if we could buy it?


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