Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Wonder- A lot of hot air

Jason Hackenwerth
non-traditional medium

Photo from


  1. Oh Marie, that is just fabulous!!! Balloons art??? truly amazing. Thanks for the interesting trip. **blows kisses** Deb

  2. so nice to see this on a rainy day (like now)

  3. I like it too Deb. I love that it shows that anything can be made in to a masterpiece.
    It is not the medium, it is the minds of the artists.

  4. It is bright and cheery isn't Donna?
    Any day is a good day for big, bright, over grown organisms.
    I love this guy!

  5. wow, the imagination of some people just blows me away.

  6. Those links are amazing. My brain just doesn't want to comprehend that it's all latex balloons. So eerily beautiful some of them. Thanks for showing us :)

  7. I think everyone has their little niche, Jan, of what they can visualize in. I can not do what you do with thread or even what Jason Hackenwerth does with balloons, but by both you and Jason sharing your works, it enables me to expand my hard drive with a vision of something besides clay construction. And by that expansion I can bring new insight to the clay! Or dare I even say…in to some other medium altogether.

  8. You are so welcome Carmen, it is entirely my pleasure.
    I have learned so much on this Wednesday wonder myself.

  9. HAHAHAHA!!!!!

    'any day is a good day for big bright overgrown organisms'

    i thought you said orgasms!!! ( i can't stop laughing... ahaheeheehaha)

    okay, i've composed myself (mostly).

    marie, how do you find these interesting folks and such fascinating art?

    hahaha, the big bright overgrown image is now stuck in my head. OMG!

  10. Thank you Manon, it amazes me when people use non traditional mediums.
    There are more out there than I thought.

  11. LOL!! That phrase is stuck in my head now. Oh great! LOL!
    I went back to see if maybe I misspelled organisms too.
    I wish they had spell check on these comment forms. ;-D
    Get your mind out of the sewer and up here in the gutter with me.

  12. It's so bright and pretty! Thanks for sharing! Theresa

  13. Love bright and pretty Theresa, it is a sickness with me.

  14. marie, i started thinking today driving to work that maybe i shouldn't be mentioning about orgasms on your lovely blog. (let alone laughing while mentioning!)

    then i thought thank god your have comment moderation so if my giggles might offend, you would screen. but now that i am back here please know i am honored to move from the sewer to the gutter, where the company is quite pleasant. :)


  15. Wow this guy does some awesome work! I love all of the colors and creativity!



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