Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentine Hearts

Here is a tutorial that is just as good this year as it was last year


  1. Those are cute Valentine hearts!

  2. These are so cute! Gives me some great ideas for ornaments...:)

  3. Marie, those are just wonderful!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us! =)

    Happy Valentine's Day to You!


  4. oh wow!!! these hearts are wonderful Marie!!!

    You always make me want to create in clay!!!


  5. Ha! I almost thought I could eat them!

  6. marie, i am just stopping by to tell you you are more than welcome at the caravan but what's with sitting instead of dancing? i am going to find you to dance and i will already be jumping up and down when i do find you so say yes and we will look like happy wild women together.

    now with that out of the way i will persue your recent posts.


  7. Marie, those are sooooo cute!
    If I keep reading your blog, I am scared to death I will get hooked on clay, and I'm just getting the grasp of all my mixed media! Please do not tempt me! LOL!!!!


  8. They look like beautiful sugar cookies! Calorie free...

  9. Hi Marie ~ The little hearts are sooo ... Cute , thanks for sharing the link.

    I want to blog about your Angel/Goddess giveaway. Can I use your pics for the post , thought I would show the 08 frame and Goddess # 4 pic as a example , if you don't mind. Please leave me a comment on the " Blessing " post , to let me know if it's o.k.

    Thanks !

  10. Thank you Anita.
    I can hardly wait to see the ornaments.

  11. Happy Valentines day to you too Lori!!!
    Thank you.

  12. Thank you so much Diana!!
    I am glad I can entice you to want to make clay.
    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Wouldn't they make cute cookies Pattee, Hint hint!!! Food for thought.
    Har har!
    You could make them for Renee!!
    Thank you!

  14. As long as I can dance with you kj. I will then dance, please don't be mad if I step on your toes.
    Love and hugs my friend.
    I joined the caravan, all my favorite people are there!

  15. Oh no Anne! LOL I am not even going to tell you that clay makes a wonderous complimentary element to mixed media!!! LOL!!

  16. I am trying to get Pattee to make them for all of us Lynda. I am sure she doesn't have much to do!!
    Heehee. Just kidding Pattee.

  17. Oh JoyceAnn thank you so much.

    You are more than welcome to blog about my goddesses!!
    Thank you so much again.


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