Saturday, January 23, 2010

Goddess #4

Goddess #4

earthy water
green and/or gold
dancer and amature musician
She is drawn to the Yew Tree
seeks calm and equilibrium in all things and brings balance to everything/one

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  1. LOVE her!! Is that an accordion?!? She's wonderful!! Hope you are well, dear!! Love, Silke

  2. I love the accordian, this is an amazing piece. If I won one, she would have to have a ton of long red hair, lolol and funny bangs too, lolol
    I hope you are having a great weekend, Marie!!!

  3. Your imagination is just non-stop! LOL Thanks for coming by. How happy that makes me to know that I can help who help so many, so freely in so many areas of polymer clay art. Makes me smile!! Love you, Lynda

  4. What are you doing with all these goddess???

    You are so talented and generous... I love you Marie~

  5. Thank you Silke. It is an accordion. LOL!! Crazy fun and small.
    I am well if a bit water logged. Dry today. YAY!!!
    I am sorry I haven't been over, trying to catch up on all the blogs I follow and I am just a bit way behind. Love your new portrait girl. Well done.

  6. Hey Landon, I like that accordian too. You should have seen the snicker on my face.
    A room, money to live, pursue any idea I want, the tools to that, ideas,the mediums to do it, unlimited time, and a place for Madi-priceless and my idea of heaven on earth. LOL!!
    You will have to tell me all of this if you win, OK?
    I am having a great weekend and enjoying the patches of sun.
    I hope you are too!!

  7. Artist coming together generates many ideas Lynda. Thank YOU for sharing.
    I learn a lot from you all of the time.
    One of my favorite lessons from you- being a nice person!
    Love you too!

  8. This was a commission I did for Christmas.

    "You are so talented and generous"

    Hah, that makes two of us!!
    I love you too Pattee!!!

  9. NO!

    You come for the meal and dancing!!!

  10. Ok, but I am skipping the sea food, well, I might have the salmon if it is NW and fresh. Is that really sea food then?
    Look at that poor lobster and crab!!
    Now, dancing darling- I just do not know. But I will sit there and enjoy the company.
    Maybe, if I have enough wine...;-D

  11. Marie - these are all just amazing! How did you make an accordian? :) I hope you are dry and warm, and getting some lovely creative time! xox Pam

  12. Hi Pam, I made the accordian very small, hee hee!
    I just got a picture from the wiki and tried to duplicate it.
    I am a slave to my art this weekend. LOL!!
    Got to do it while Madi is with her mom.
    She is not quite ready to play with gramma with out eating it.
    I am dry today, not quite warm, but trying not to complain, there are people living in freezers.
    Have a great night girl!

  13. hello Sweet Marie. Good grief! How do you do those fine details? That accordion is something else!

  14. I so love how each one of these is so detailed and I am sure made to fit some one specific... adorable... I simply love them all

  15. Oh Marie, these are so facinating! My hubby played the accordian growing up! We still tease him at barbeques to play us a polka. Hope you are drying out. **Happy Sunny Sunday** Deb

  16. oh, I love that accordian.
    You are funny!
    We still have your funny Mr and Mrs Claus up in the living room.

  17. LOL!! Ces, I mostly do the fine detail by feel now that my eyes are getting worse.
    Thank you so much Ces, I really thought I was going to have to do it over before I put the white paint on it to accent the words on it. I did get lucky. But I had to have faith, I couldn't even see it before the paint went on.

  18. Thank you Deb. Does Hubby still play the accordian??

    I took lessons but I had a giant of an instrument and I think if I had a smaller one I might have continued with it.
    Have a great day!

  19. Thank you so much Mother Moon! The goddesses were made for specific people.
    I was given words as prompts and then made the pieces almost by feel.
    It is amazing how much came to mind with some of them and how much didn't with others and I had to ask more questions. It was really a gift to be able to do this and get paid for it at the same time.

  20. Thanks Chris, the accordian was a challenge but great fun at the same time.
    I am so thrilled you like your Claus Pair.


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