Sunday, January 10, 2010

10th giveaway- new decade, new year, new thought, new life, and new approach to art!

I thought this might be fun for the 10th giveaway, it is a chance to win your own angel, made for you, by me, with your specifics and input.
Here is the frame I will be using, she is dated 08, she has been waiting for you!
Want to give it a whirl?
I had a chance last year to make some custom goddesses and I loved the experience and things I learned and realized. I want to do more, they are calling me.
Follow your bliss and the door opens!
You have to be willing to give me some info about you, tell me what you like, what makes your heart sing, what colors do you pick all of the time, what makes you feel good, leave a comment on the blog here under words of wisdom (I use that instead of comments) and wait for her and I to be finished.
Can you do it?? Will you??
Happy New Year my pretties, may it be the best you have ever had.
I will close this drawing on the 28th of January at 6 pm.


  1. Hi Marie, your positive comment on my blog is a great start for the New Year. You sound very positve here too.
    Love the idea of the Angel. If she was mine, I would have her dressed in al the brightest happy colours of cool sea blues, greens,and sunshiny yellows for serenity and love and happiness, with trailing ribbons so she looks like she is floating on the wind and taking me away on a cloud to dream.
    Love and hugs. E. XX

  2. My angel heart woman would not be too cluttered, but would have beads placed with plenty of space between, for her to breathe. She would have shiny brown beaded hair, with olive green and brown earth tones throughtout. She would definitely have a little bling here and there as well!

  3. Hope this isn't a repeat.. but Your angel is wonderful!!!! Here's wishing you, Howard and your family the best of New Years.. I think of y'all often and you're in my heart always!!


  4. I urge EVERYONE to enter this giveaway! The goddesses that Marie made for me last year (Christmas gifts for some very special women) were amazing! They went over a treat and each person felt that she translated my information beautifully (as did I). Don't miss the opportunity to have a unique and original piece made specially for you!

  5. Happy New Year :)
    If this lovely lady were to come to live with me, she would be a glorious earth goddess, dressed in rich browns and greens. I never cease to be inspired by nature and all of the beauty that surrounds us.

  6. Hi Marie,

    Happy New Year !

    First of all I would like to say,
    I am honored to be friends with you & your hubby! :o) Thank you for the add on Facebook !
    My perfect angel MUST have the color of my aura.

    The color would be purple. A mix of purple and lavender with just a touch of gold ribbons would be superb! Her hair would be dark, and long flowing. She would be dancing in the wind with her beautiful wings slightly spread.

    Her wings would have a little splash of fairy glitter....
    Her colors and shine of gold & glitter represent the light she brings into my life....

    She is magical but above all protects me ! Her name would be Aia ( pronounced Ah-Y-A ) & she would love to be dancing to any celtic music you play for her while you adorn & create her beautiful spirit & allow it to come to life.

    She is free spirited, & loves life....just like me!

    Thank you for allowing me to put my little imagination to work here !:o)

    Have a blessed week !

  7. What a lovely giveaway!

    My angel would have shades of the moon and forest. Dark and rich blue and green with silvery tones.

  8. ahhh Marie, You are blessed among the blessed. What a wonderful way to start this new year. If this was my heart, she would be adorned in purples and golds, for she is very royal. she would be surrounded with animals and images of my Jewish faith, for my faith and my fur kids fill me with more joy then should be allowed.

    Thank YOU for sharing with us out here. love you gf :) Munchie says "kisses"

  9. Oh, Marie, what a wonderful idea for a giveaway!! This angel is wonderful!! And you are so generous!!!

    And were she to come live with me, she would be an ocean goddess with colors of blue, green with little flecks of gold and silver! She would have clean lines and an elegance that spoke of her power and grace. She would exude the most wonderful kindness of heart!

    Just like you do...

    Love, Silke

  10. Hi Marie, what a wonderful way to start the New Year, with an angel giveaway. I wish I hadn't read the other comments first, I keep thinking, "Oh yes, like that!" LOL. However, staying true to my own heart, if she were my Heart Angel, she would be filled with Rainbows in any way of your choosing. Rainbows for hope eternal and love and beauty in the world around us. Smiles, Sue C

  11. Hi Marie, thank you for visiting my blog. Ilove when you stop by. AND yes, its and adjustment with a little one here. But he is as sweet as the day is long. :) I love the Goddess you have created.They are very special.

    If I were lucky enough to win this sweet angel I could imagine her in so many colors, but if I were to say which color speaks to me its always pink :) nature and animals, especially cats make me very happy too. Thank you for holding such a great contest.

    I have some new fairy things coming out that I am soooo excited about. I will have to keep you posted. :) Happy creating, have a pretty week. (()) gail

  12. aw, marie, my angel would be green and purple and here and there red with a prominent heart that expands effortlessly and wisely. and she likes circles.

    happy new year, marie. here's to a new-everything. :)

  13. Okay ask away, it is going to be beautiful Marie. Will it stand up so when I win it I can put it beside my bed. xoxoxo

  14. What do you mean 'if I win' har har.

    Now you know that I am psychic Marie, I think I told you that before and that is why I have been worried about you for months.

    I feel good things in my bones for you now though.


  15. That little Maddie is such a joy.

    She is beautiful Marie just like her Grandma.


  16. "Follow your bliss and the door opens" - great words to live by. I read everyone else's suggestions and those were beautiful color palettes; I can see them in my minds eye.
    I am drawn to blood red with swirls of purple, orange and gold flecks. She would represent the life force and passion that lives within each of us.

  17. Marie you are such a positive source of love and creativity...

    An angel Goddess... what a beautiful image.

    Some of my favorite things might not work on your beautiful Goddess : )

    I like rusted things, bones and beads. Feathers, and ribbons. My colors would be maroons and indigo blue, deep deep yellow and Chinese red..

    I love the idea of a Goddess...
    You are one of the most important people in my blogging life.

  18. Happy New year Marie. Madi is sooooo cute. I love the photo of her on the turtle! Uhmnmmmn...her hair looks so soft.

  19. If this beautiful little lady were to come to me she would have to be firey and fun - just like me. Bright firey colors with beautiful sunflowers...perhaps a delicious martini in hand.

  20. Am I allowed to enter the contest? Angels always remind me of my friend, who had a stillborn baby at 38.5 weeks. She played "In the Arms of the Angels" at the funeral. She pictures her baby up there with the Angels and I know it gives her comfort. If I won, I'd give it to her as a symbol of the angel that holds her baby for her.

  21. Marie, what a fabulous giveaway! I can NOT even imagine the joy that will come to the lucky winner...I hope it's ME, ME, ME! haha
    I guess I should have added 'not to be so greedy' to my list of resolutions this year :)
    This angel beautiful already!

  22. If the lovely Marie Angel came to live with me, she would be the colors of the rainbow with a big smile because she has a pot of gold for us all!!

  23. First let me say that your work is simply beautiful... love it... My angel would surrounded by nature. With the colors of green,blue & purple abounding. The essece of tree lore and the pressence of birds with of course the moon in all her glory

  24. Hi and thank you for this lovely blog. After receiving your words of wisdom on my Beadwright blog I have visited yours several times. Healing comes from many different places. Thank you so much.


  25. Okay, here is my request, should I win. I would like you to interpret me. You've seen my blog (I mean, you need sunglasses and something for ADHD to survive it! or just plain old liquor....) you've read my writing and you know I am BLONDE!!! (snarf!)
    My likes and dislikes are pretty much put out for the world to read, laugh at or click off of quickly and run and hide.
    What would I be?
    What do YOU see? :)
    In your hands.....


  26. Hi Marie,

    Happy New Year to you and yours! :)

    I am sure the angel goddess will look beautiful. I loved reading through the wishes and ideas of the others.

    You wanted to know what I like:
    Nature, photography, books, animals

    What makes my heart sing: A ray of sunshine on an ice crystal

    What colors do I pick all the time: Blue, teal, purple, turquoise

    What makes me feel good: I found that it's the little things each day which make me feel good, e.g. the smell of coffee in the morning

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would like the angel goddess to proudly wear ribbons and feathers and beads in all shades of blue and purple. :)

    Happy creating,

  27. I love your words of wisdom and of course your work! You positive thoughts made my morning! Thanks you!

    Anita butler

  28. Hmmm... my angel would be very different from all the others :-O
    I'd like to have an angel like my name: dark and cute! a witchy angel with a cute face and Batwings ;-)

  29. What a magical and beautiful giveaway! If the goddess were to come live with me, she would need to be earthy and solid, with red hair accented with shimmery green ribbons. She should be decked out in forest greens and ruddy browns with some leaf accents. I've always been inspired by the ever changing sea, but lately I've felt myself needing the calming grounding effects of the Earth more than ever.

  30. Goddess energy is so powerful and healing - the world needs more of it now than ever. Green and growing and ever remaking and rebirthing. I would dress her in the colors of the heart, head and third eye chakras - green, blue and violet. Of course, they are also my favorite colors, with a bit of magenta thrown in!


  31. Oh, my goodness, what an awesome giveaway!! I have one of your Goddess pins, but I'm going to go ahead and be a bit greedy and try for this one as well.

    My angel would have a little gray, one-eyed cat. She'd have a spoon in one hand, and a pencil in the other, lol! She'd have dark hair and wear silver and midnight blue, and be wearing an apron and a witch's hat!!

    Oh, Marie, I love your spirit, your generosity and your creativity! Good luck to all who enter this contest!

  32. well now...haven't i stumbled on a right royal treat (***beam***). your sites and your blog are music to the eyes and all other senses too, Marie!

    i must admit to being rather baffled by you (tee hee hee). it would seem that between your online and offline life you are one stupendously busy lady so i'm asking...where does this "10th giveaway" come from?!! obviously you either share my ADD and can hop like a mad bunny ;-P or you're endowed with energetic properties that would put most of us to shame. yeppers...i think that's the way it is.

    with someone as positive and giving as you in my new life ---and yes, i really am leaving the first decade of this new century behind to find my own fresh start--- i can see where one might not blame me for being covetous of your glorious Goddess.

    after reflecting a while on your comments and my own space on this earth i think i would begin by telling you that my most often used email address begins with "" and that as a quilt art goddess i've won multiple awards for my use of color. it's not that i've studied color formally; it's more of a built-in fact that i seem to have been given a glorious gift that i never take for granted!!!

    but i don't have your talent for literal interpretation and that's why i'm begging your (giggle) to connect with me through that Goddess :-) :-) :-)

    it would appeal to me no matter what color or design format you used, that i know, but if i were to truly voice any kind of preference i might speak out in favour of the color i painted my home's front door when i lived waaaay south of Canada in Jacksonville, Florida. that would be a strong, bright, periwinkle blue (which no one has seen fit to alter in the repaintings since i left there twelve years ago ---YaY!).

    add some soft-yet-rich purple to the blue and an apple green in celebration of our Earth Mother with her flowing brunette hair. i'd then more than want to say *You* please take any and all decisions from there. being totally selfish (SNORT!) i'll admit that what i really want is a little piece of your artistry and spirit, not a statue that defines my rigidity.

    okay...i've rambled on enough for at least today! but please do keep your spectacular writing as well as your visual offerings coming to us all!!! it's such a rare treat to find someone as true to her heart and soul as you so naturally are, m'dear!

    yours in love, light and dreaming in color...


  33. My angel would be made of different shades of blue with a whimsical smile.

  34. Well, MY angel heart woman would have long wavey red hair and green eyes! Gotta have strong indications of deep love for Christmas, Halloween, pets, JEWELRY and Candy! lolol Chocolate! Color! Lots of colors! Orange-Purple-Green-Navy-Red!! lolol I am sure there is more, I will have to think more on this. Oh, I can't wait to hear who wins and what you will make for them!!! Most Awesome!
    Any YES on the Black and White, I sell more Black and white or black and greys than any other color combinations. Can't beat that for a classy elegant color combination. Black and another neutral wins hands down every time.

  35. Love your giveaway , what a beautiful concept. I love gardening and nature , so greens , browns , the colors of nature make this tree hugger happy.

    Art , family , moon , stars , sun , leaves , pinecones , moss , twigs , glorious sunsets and sunrises , hiking , water , herbs , plants , wilflife and my pets make my heart smile.

    ~ Blessings of Happiness to You ~

  36. Marie, I think the biggest and brightest angel of all is YOU!


  37. Wonderful giveaway from a wonderful person! :)

  38. Why have I failed to enter this?!?! Goodness. I want Silke's angel. Actually, I think I want to look like Silke!!! Hmm what would mine have? Definitely a margarita! teehee!!! But then again, Renee is going to win... **kisskiss** Deb

  39. Your work is SO beautiful, I am in awe!! I would be honored to win one of your angels.

    My colors: blue, green, purple
    Important things about me: mom of 3, teacher,cat lover, good friend, quilter, needlework, positive outlook

    I absolutely believe that I have angels with me that help and protect me....

    Thank you so much for this give away and for visiting my blog


  40. Gosh your work is simply beautiful...... I am speechless

    now off to follow your blog (if there is an option) I MUST comeback and look properly when I have a spare several hours

  41. Hi Marie, Hi, Hi, Hiiiiii!

    I looooooove her, love her!!!!!

    Pick me, Pick me, Pick me (hmmm, where have I heard that before?) =)