Saturday, January 30, 2010

Madi and Rusted Root

Ces this is for you!
Madi after the 1st of the year.
Hey Auntie Renee, Ces, and Bella I have 6 teeth now. Sometimes they hurt so bad and my whole face is swollen and I am almost walking. This growing stuff is hard work.
I love you all.


  1. Oooh Madi, I like I like! very much indeed. You have great taste in music. I am so sorry your teething problem is giving you so much pain. Here here let me kiss your cheek, you pretty little angel you! Hmn, you smell so clean and so good, You have the most beautiful smile and I love you sweetie pie! You can join our AA club as the youngest memeber because I just know that you will be making the meanest finger paintings soon and make sure Grandma posts them for us to enjoy. She has to share us with you! TSUP! TSUP!!!

    Oh for heaven's sakes Marie, I am typing this comment and saying the words just as if I am talking to madi, oh good heavens, she is pure delight.

    Thank you Marie, no one like Baby Madi who can lift the spirits! Little girls are wonderful.

  2. Madi, honey, wait till you get older, and those teeth will be NOTHING!!!
    You'll just be glad they poked through and find lots of interesting uses for them! And keep everyone busy when you go to try them out.... :)


  3. Oh, my, what a darling little girl! She is so CUTE! I love her smile, she is precious! Thank you so much for sharing her picture with us today, sure brightened my day!!!


  4. Oh Marie, I saw that smile and that was enough to contort my face.

  5. Little Madi is such a little beauty, tooth problems or not. I love Rusted Root too. Thanks for visiting my blog Marie, I appreciate having a new follower!

  6. What a gorgeous little smile and dimple she has! Wonderful pic Marie!

  7. Madi, Madi, you are absolutely gorgeous!!! =)


  8. Madi is ADORABLE! Marie, thank you for stopping by my blog. Enjoy your magic carpet ride.

  9. Oh, Madi- I love that grin of yours! You are gonna give your Grandma lots of stories, I can tell. :) What a gorgeous girl she is, Marie! She could light up a room, all by herself. I remember those days, with the kids teething, and all the pain. Seems like I remember giving them frozen bagels to gnaw on. :) Happy weekend! xoxo Pam

  10. OMGosh, Madi DID just get cuter! What a JOY she must be in your life, and great comfort now she must be for you. Big Love, Deb

  11. I am melting, I am melting! Oh, Madi! Such incredibly adorable dimples. I hope you are always smiling so that your dimples are always showing. And what? You are practically walking??? Holy cow, where has the time gone.

  12. Growing IS hard, Madi! Always do it with grace!

  13. Just look at that dimple! Could she BE any cuter?


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