Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lynda Watkins and the 5th giveaway, 2009

Remember the 5th giveaway? Wow, has it really been that long? This was back in September of 2009. You can read about that here:

Thank you again Jacquard Products for your generous donation to this blog. They paid the shipping to all of you too!! You can see what Jacquard Products is about here:

My Husband Howard carries all of their products in his on line store:

Lynda Watkins was one of the winners of the Cernit 10 color kit. These bracelets are awesome, Lynda!! It is what she made with the kit!
She sent me the pictures ages ago and I am just getting them up!

Sorry Lynda!

Lynda does some fabulous work with Cernit and tons of other Jacquard Products.

Her blog is Swoopin’ Along and if you are into seeing how things are done, this is a blog you are going to want to visit. You will enjoy food, clay, paint, and positive thoughts, with a very nice person behind it.

Check it out here:

She is working on Amelia Earhart right now, amazing!!

She has an on line store at Etsy:

She also has a website here:

Thank you for playing Lynda, you did good!!!


  1. Ooooo I LoVe Lynda! She is amazing. So are you!!! My daughter loves the a BIG giggle from her. **kisskiss**

  2. Thanks for sharing such interesting works and leading me to another blog, LOL. Smiles

  3. Wow! Thank you Marie for showcasing my work and my sites. Love you so much and appreciate everything you do. Since being introduced to so many wonderful products through Jacquard, I'm just having a blast!! Winning your giveaway of those beautiful colors of Cernit really inspired me! Thanks again, Lynda

  4. I love Lynda too Deb!! She is sooooooooo talented.
    Thank you Deb!! I am so glad your daughter got a chuckle out of the ornies too!!

  5. My pleasure Lynda.
    You made it so easy with all the things you make.
    Thanks so much for playing with me in the giveaway and actually making something!!

  6. I just love these! So beautiful.

  7. I really like these a lot too Bridgett. I love all of the color.
    Lynda does awesome work.


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