Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aunia Kahn- sorry this took so long, 2009.

I have to clean up some stuff from last year that got put aside with the holidays and me just not feeling up to par and tired of fighting it. This in no way reduces the value of these things, in fact it raises it. It is powerful enough for me to want to take care of it.

I won a wonderful necklace on the 31 days of Halloween; hosted by Mrs. B’s at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom you can read Mrs. B’s Blog here:

It is by a talented artist named Aunia Kahn, it is called “Honoring Fatality”

The Limited Edition Giclee Print of 10 is here:

You can read her Bio here:

It is a very interesting read.

Aunia has pieces of all price ranges in her Etsy store and lots of things that talk to me on so many levels. The detail is fabulous and her work speaks volumes.

“Aunia Kahn is also the creator of the Silver Era Tarot deck and the Lowbrow Tarot Project [exhibit, table top book and deck], is a graphic and web designer and owner of Aunia Kahn Designs, as well as musician, vocalist and lyricist in her solo project AfterChain.”
This is Aunia Kahn’s blog:

This is a very talented woman and I am so proud to own one of her pieces.

Thank you so much Aunia!!

Also, thank you so much Mrs. B for all your hard work. I can hardly wait to play again in 2010.


  1. That necklace is SO COOL!!!! I would roll and wrestle in a pit of chocolate pudding fot it!
    Tres chic..... :D


  2. OMGoodness, OMGoodness, OMGoodness!!! Can you hear me laughing all the way over there in California??? Santa and Mrs. Clause just arrived safely, albeit naked!!! I am thrilled beyond words! Hubby just died laughing. You are too too too kind and sweet! I cannot believe you sent me such a darling gift that I have been crushin on since I first laid eyes on his perky hat!!! teehee. How can I ever thank you? **blows a million kisses** Deb

  3. LOL!! Anne, I just got a visual.

    I really love it too. You should pop on over to her Etsy site, her jewelry is a steal.
    I was so excited when I won it.

    I love your coffee painting.

  4. That was worth sending it Deb! So worth it. Thank you!
    I am so glad you like it!!

  5. Your necklace is incredible! Aunia's work is amazing! I'm going to check her out right now!!

  6. Just take a look on her etsy, she's really great!
    x Donna

  7. Manon, she is amazing isn't she??
    Have fun!!

  8. I really love that necklace. Congratulations on your win! :)

  9. Xo thanks for the kind promo! Glad you like it. XOXOXOXO


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