Saturday, January 16, 2010

CES, another important thing 2009

Queen Nymph Marie by Ces, 2009

 I have a blog sister friend that is one of the most prolific artists and writers I have ever known. She does things in a succinct way. She is as sharp as a tack, loyal, and talented. It seems she never sleeps.
She is a detailed woman that can draw teeny tiny lines that I cannot even see. She even hides things in her drawings and has a secret language that you can see in drawings but might not be able to decipher. This to me is amazing and the planning must be intense.
 Her paintings have a freedom and verve that jumps with color, texture, and shape, her drawings are tight, concise, and focused, she touches all sides of the spectrum in her art.
She goes by the moniker of Ces, and the place she resides on the blogs is at “Ces and her dishes”, but it has even been “Ces and her fishes”.
She does love dishes, not really to wash them though, but to admire.
She is married to a Viking and has 2 epsilons.
 I have learned so much from this woman, her brilliance drives me to read the dictionary when I talk to her, but I know I don’t have to.
She is jovial, beautiful, and patriotic and just a nice person!
She has done one of the most amazing series of works.
There is a bit of reading and many pictures to look at. I have gathered all of the links for you.
Here is to Ces, a multi-faceted woman, a diamond, and a star in my life.
I am lucky enough to have a place among these wonderful oaks, I have no idea how I got there, but I am grateful. Thank you, dear Ces for your gifts, of which this is only one of many.
And now ladies and gentlemen…
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  1. You are blessed by Ces!
    She is a magnificent nymph herself.....magic in all her work. I still stare all agog at what she does.
    I agree...she never sleeps.
    What a richer world it is with Ces and her Dishes in it!
    Congrats!!! :)


  2. Beautiful post Marie!!! Ces is one incredible woman!! Her FPOT is bigger than anyone I've ever known! Besides the all her wonderful qualities that you have listed, Ces is extremely funny! She always makes me laugh!! Oh...... and she is an *all around nice person* and *happy without drugs*! lol

  3. OMG! Marie, you honor me so much! Why is that when it is you I admire so much with your fine sculptures and an explosion of colors. Thank you very much Marie. After a few years of blogging, I am now finally settled. I want quality blog relationships rather than quantity. I had the most beautiful friendships this year, what a blessing and gift. Of course, I am just rooting for Madi to grow up and be a terrific and creative fabulous little girl so thatnk you for sharing her with us because every time I see her photograph, I can just imagine how sweet and good she smells and I can feel her soft hair!

    Thank you again my dearest Marie, I do try but this is a most honorable mention from you. I am humbled.

  4. I feel exactly the same way - how do I get to be a part of that amazing group of women?!? You included!! We are lucky, aren't we?!? Lots of love! Silke

  5. Our Ces. Cheers to you Ces.

    Marie called it as we all see it.


  6. You have a wonderful group of sister friends Ces.
    We all love you!!
    I love my Nymph, I feel she is my soul no matter what my body looks like... or what my hair color is. LOL!!! She is beautiful.
    I am humbled by my inclusion, thank you!
    I meant to do this when you did them.
    Sorry it took me so long.

  7. Wow...Ces sounds like a true gem.



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