Monday, July 13, 2009

8" x 10" La Sirena- Loteria Cards

I am intrigued by the game Loteria. It is similar to bingo from what I understand, but what I like the most are the images.
LoterĂ­a is a tradition that involves art, passion, and culture. The origin of LoterĂ­a can be traced back to the 15th century in Italy
Doesn't that sound wonderful?
This one is my version of the La Sirena, the Mermaid

Con los cantos de sirena, no te vayas a marear (With the siren songs, you are not going away to be annoying. From
Acrylic paint, Lumiere, rhinestones, Cernit, half pearls, parchment paper, and teardrop turquoise opal stones.


  1. it's bautiful Marie and I like the sculpted sea animals. You are very prolific my dear and your work reveals a woman who is having so much fun with life!

    I will show more as soon as I finish the drawing. darn it, it was supposed to be simple and look what I have to do, make it complicated!

  2. oh wow MArie!!!! I love mermaids~~~~ this is wonderful and I am intrigued by the whole "loteria" idea...a tradition of art, passion and interesting!!!!great work and I can only imagine what you will create next!!!


  3. Thank you Ces, underneath all the crap is someone who is having fun with life. At least my art is.

    I love that you are focused and detailed, it amazes me the way your mind works. Complicated so works for you!

  4. I love them too.
    the tradition of art, passion and culture got to me too. Hit a chord or something.
    Searh the images for loteria cards.
    Some beautiful stuff.

  5. Hi Marie!!!

    oh I thought you would never ask...

    I have created a few mermaids over the years....if you get a chance you can check them are some links.... are thinking ,...what the heck!!! heheheeh

    Have a wonderful day!!!!


  6. Thanks so much for giving me all of the links and now everyone here can enjoy them too.
    You do like mermaids don't you???
    Yours are awesome!!!!
    I still like the redish haired one and the wood plaque the best though, but the canned ones are hysterical!! Oh heck, they are great and fun.

  7. Hi Marie, Wow, Your Mermaid is just Awesome...I love her! All of your work is just gorgeous Marie! You're so talented!
    I'll be sure to look at Diana Evans mermaids also! Boy, with all these Mermaids maybe when I get done with everything that I'm into I should try to bead a Mermaid! hmm
    I hope that you have a great rest of your day!
    Giant hugs to you...

  8. How very beautiful!

    You have a wonderful gift,

    Peace and love, M

  9. Thanks Bobbi, I am hoping with all of the mermaids, I will get cool. LOL!!
    You will enjoy Diana's mermaids they are just darling.
    Big hugs to you Bobbi!

  10. Thank you so much!
    You have a wonderful gift too Maithri!!
    Blessings, M ;-O

  11. Never heard of Loteria but gonna look it up right now Marie...

  12. Hi Yvonne, we tend to see more of it here or it could just be me I love cards, tarot cards, and game pieces and boards, so life just seems to float me that way.

  13. This is gorgeous! The pears are neago!

  14. Thank you Renee! How is that grand baby boy doing?


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