Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Thank you all for your prayers, Bobbi made it through surgery and is in a great deal of pain but she is alive. She has long hard road in front of her. So if you wouldn't mind add her to your list when you can and pray some more.
She has had a hard time of this all of her life and is such a trooper. If you want to leave her a message you can do it on the Bead Goes On http://bobbianncook.blogspot.com/

I also would like you to pray for my dear friend Renee, she has been hit with more than anyone should ever have to hold. Her mother, sister and her nephew are going through some very challenging times right now. As well as Renee herself. She is a muse to many and a beautiful soul who is giving all of the time. She is the person the Renee Award was made for and I love her.
You can read about her and leave her messages here:
Thank you so much!!! I am praying with you all. And if you don't pray, do whatever you do! It is all good!

My friend Bobbi at the Bead goes on http://bobbianncook.blogspot.com/
is having surgery tomorrow. Please join with me in prayer, good and healing thoughts, or any thoughts or giving that you can spare for a truly gentle and generous woman, she is a good mother and a great Maw-maw. I am proud to call her friend. I love her.
Thank you for your help.


  1. Hope she is ok.

    I'll add her to my prayers!

  2. Me too Sofia! With your prayers mine will be stronger, thank you!!

  3. She's certainly on my prayer list! Hope your day is good also. Hugs

  4. May God bless Bobbi. I'll say a prayer for her.

  5. My prayers are with Bobbi and her surgeon. Susan

  6. Thank you Lynda for everything!!!

  7. Thank you Susan, you are so smart to include the surgeon too!

  8. Oh Marie, I am on it.

    God please be with Marie and with Howard right now.

    I hope the kids come and get the baby soon and you will be with Howard in no time.

    Oh Marie.......

    My prayers are going ahead full speed.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  9. Marie thank you for this.

    I am thankful that you told me about Howard right away. I have been worried sick.

    That is hard for him when he has that numbness but at the same time we become thankful that it is nothing worse.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. Oh Renee thank you!!! I was so scared yesterday. He is doing well though. I just freaked because he had some symtoms that were stroke like. Couldn't smile, looks like 2 face, eye wouldn't work, face numb, but his ear hurt and I thought that was kind of weird and nothing in the rest of his body was affected. Bells palsy is a inflamation of the facial nerve that might be caused by a virus. He may get the use of his face parts back in about 6 weeks, time will tell. His eye is dry and weeps all of the time and it could hurt his cornea, but he is taking really good care right now and tells me to quit treating him like a invalid. LOL!!
    Thank you so much, just talking to you made me feel calmer and like I had someone on my side. Bless you friend. You already have so much on your plate and you are so kind to throw in an extra prayer and time. He was in and out of the hospital in 3 hours, record time around here.
    Love and hugs.

  11. Marie, my dear and so very sweet and thoughtful and kind friend and Sister, I'm speechless, but in a wonderful way! This was so nice of you and it means so much to me...thank you...thank you so very much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love you Sweetie!

    Also, thank yous all so much for all your prayers and kind words and positive energies...I feel all your love, thank yous all very much!

    Hugs and love...


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