Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I have an award to give...

I have a very special award to give to someone. I have quite a few awards to give, but I am going to start with this one.

I made this for them.

They have been for many years, leaders in their field and their kindness, prowess, and insight give them right, in my opinion, to have an award all their own. Their mixed media art dolls cross the boundaries of time and space. They bring people joy and laughter and I think that they get a lot of that themselves making these awesome pieces of engineering and craftsmanship.

This is from Jodi's lips, "We have had a great time and good success with our long career of Doll Making…for that we are very thankful …and delighted ...we are also so thankful for all the wonderful people we have met on this journey."
May there be lots and lots more years, dolls, success, and wonderful people.
I thought that it was time that they (Jodi and Richard) go forth and recognize others who have the ability to sculpt and who give kindness and care in the blogging world every day, just like they do.

May this award and Jodi and Richard find people just as deserving as they are.
Jodi and Richard Creager this is for you, extreme sculptors and just all around nice people.

Go here to see beautiful things


The rules will be:

Write a blog about your award.

Link to the Jodi and Richard Creager Blog.

Recognize and link to the person that passed the award to you

Answer these questions:

1. What is the theme you choose to work with most and why?

2. Who most influenced your sculpting path?

3. If you could have all the money in world, would you still do this?

4. How does your blogging world help you and others?

This should be in turn passed to 3 others who meet the requirements and can answer the questions.

Thank you Jodi and Richard for your years of dedication and learning, your kindness, and personalities, and most of all the mastery of the magic in your minds, so that all the world benefits.


  1. What a beautiful and moving tribute and award for two of the most deserving artists! Their work,their talent leaves me in awe. Good for you,Marie!! Hugs,Lynda

  2. Well here it is at 4:30 am Marie...and I am 'STILL' have caught me totally off guard ...I am both embarrassed and delightfully flabbergasted at the same time...and coming from you...someone who I admire and repsect soooo much ..well this just is the delicious icing on the gifted cake!
    I will accept this Award with friendship and Thank You again and again for thinking me worthy of my own award....
    Hugs Hugs Hugs
    Jodi and Richard

  3. but darlings you have yet another!!!


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