Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There is no fire here or any threat of one. Thank you so much for your concern.
But this is what scares me when the heat does get like this.
The picture below is from a fire that was close to here a couple of years ago.
Again thank you so much for your concern, I love you guys!!! I AM NOT ON FIRE. I JUST FEEL LIKE I AM.

What is to give light must endure burning.


I thought this was metaphorical, but this week it is real.
I know I am not as hot here as some of you.
Today my daughter told me it was 110 this evening (their evening) in Kuwait when she talked to her friend there. I checked the weather it is 1:30 am now there and it is as hot as it is here right now 3:00 pm. Crazy I know, but it is relative and I am melting here my pretties.
But it is a dry heat! LOL!! 
This is why it scares me.


  1. No-no-no-no! There is no hotter place than Zulu Land here. The radio announced we had a "cold front" because it was 92F compared to 99F with a heat index of 110. We are done melting. We are scorched and brittle! Are those clouds or fire?

  2. Oh Ces I am so sorry!! That is so miserable!!! How can you stand it?
    It is fire clouds from the last fire around here.
    Scary isn't?

  3. Hi Marie, first, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful things you said on my blog...thank you and I feel that you're the sweetest, kindness person that I've ever met!
    Now...Oh No Marie, fire clouds and heat that high...oh my gosh...I wouldn't know what to do I'd be so afraid! Then the horrible heat! Wow! You're in my thoughts and prayers. Wow! I can't believe my eyes, maybe you should come here to Ohio for a bit, what do you say to that? I only have one bathroom but I'm sure we'll manage.
    Then I was reading Ces post, geezz, the temps between both of you are just crazy! My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you Marie and your family!
    Giant hugs and love...

  4. It is scary Marie. I live in the foothills in a valley a few miles wide and we hold our breath every year during the summer, although lately it seems like "fire season" is now year-round. It is so tinder-dry here and HOT - 99 today and it is to be that hot for at least the rest of the week. Ugh. Take care and try and keep cool!

  5. No! No! Fire is the worst. 110 degree heat index are nothing! Fire no matter what size is devastating. I hope all is well. be safe.

  6. Bobbi like I said you are one of the nicest people I have ever met.
    I am so lucky to know you!!
    I am fine, no fire, just feeling like I am wrung out from the heat!! I am so tired of it already and this is just the beginning.
    I am so sorry if I scared you or anyone else.

  7. Oh Susan then you know exactly what I am feeling. I just get a little freaked out at this time of year when it is this hot and dry!!
    Be safe and fire free my friend!!
    Stay cool!!

  8. Ces there is no fire here, it is just what scares me when the weather gets like this. It is devastating, and they scare the hell out of me!!
    This was very close to our house a couple of years ago.

  9. Dear Marie...

    I have heard nothing of a fire in your neck of the woods...that is what I get from hiding from the evening News... PLEASE tell me it is nothing that is of threat to you!!! Now I am in a panic!!!
    Even with our 124 degree heat (which I actually believe is just to damn hot to burn anything) our fear of fire seems low...but I know the true fear of living some place where fire can be a real danger..

    I pray with all my might that this passes you by with little to no threat....


  10. Jodi there is no fire anywhere, I am just hot and tired and sticky.
    I can not seem to get away from the heat and my GD wants to be held all of the time. I love that, but right now it is like a sauna.
    It does not help that I already have a personal summer I carry with me all of the time.
    Sorry to scare you.

  11. My thoughts are with you and prayers. I've been worried about you, missing you. Stay safe. Hopefully, this will soon pass. Hugs, Lynda

  12. There is NO fire.
    Lynda, the heat and I are not getting along so well this year.
    I have no air conditioning and a small baby with me all day. She is like a portable heater. It is very hard on both of us.
    When she gets hot and uncomfortable she wants to be comforted and held and then she gets more hot and uncomfortable. It goes like this all day.
    She is a little young for a wading pool.
    We are both just trying to deal.

  13. Thank you Sofia, you are so sweet!!!


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