Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Call...

This is a last call of sorts... get your name in to the blog post for the giveaway (not here) before 6 pm pacific daylight time today for a chance to win...

Good Luck to everyone that entered.
Thank you!
You can read about why this madness is happening here.
Happy and safe Holidays to all my American readers and have a GREAT weekend to everyone else!


  1. Look at the picture of the baby where it says grandma says. She is beautiful Marie.

    Now you totally got my gist on my blog, it is stories that us grandmas will tell our grandchildren.

    How are you sweet Marie.

    I love you.

    Renee xoxoox

  2. Hello sweet! I created a new special award and you are one of its first recipients. Will you please do me the honor of accepting it? Thanks.

  3. wow. stinks that i didn't get in on time. thought I had signed up. oh well.
    thx for offering and stopping by my lil' blog and makin a comment!


    have a great weekend!

  4. Precious little one! Geez, I think I signed up....hope so anyway. Have a great July 4th today! Love and hugs


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